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The Crucible, By Arthur Miller Essay

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This essay is about the moral dilemma John Proctor is faced with. It analyzes the good/bad sied of the two options, to lie and live or to tell the truth and die. Contains quotes and specific details. I sugesst students of Spaulding HS in Barre do not use this.The Crucible-By Arthur MillerIn our lives, we are faced with many life altering choices, many of which are based on one main subject; right versus wrong, or good versus bad. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a character named John Proctor is faced with a great moral dilemma. Should he put his reputation on the line to save his life, or tell the truth and die an honest man? John Proctor must decide between these two horrible fates, as a ...view middle of the document...

Soon after, John tries to get his servant (one of the girls found dancing in the woods) Mary Warren to tell the court that the girls causing every one are frauds. But in doing this, John himself is accused by Mary, and is sent to jail with all of the others accused.This is when John Proctor is faced with a moral dilemma. If he lies, and signs a confession saying that he made a compact with the devil, he will live, blackening his name forever. But if he tells the truth and will not confess to witchcraft, then he will hang with the others, and die an honest death. In the end, John chooses to tell the truth, hoping to cleanse his already sinful name, and also keeping the names of his friends clean. I see this as the right thing to do. By telling the truth, John clears his own conscience, and keeps his good name, being remembered throughout Salem as a martyr.There are several things that have caused this moral dilemma bestowed upon John Proctor. When Abigail told John about the dancing and the conjuring of spirits that she and the other girls had done in the woods, he didn't say anything to the Judge Danforth or Reverend Hale when the whole suspicion of witchcraft came about. If he had, it may have stopped the ordeal because the girls wouldn't have been so wrapped up in the trails with no way to escape when Hale and Danforth finally did find out. Another example would be that if John hadn't had the affair with Abigail, then she wouldn't have had any reason of accusing his wife of witchcraft, which would also mean that he would never been accused either. If it weren't for the things that John Proctor had done himself, keeping secrets and committing sins in the first place, then he probably wouldn't be faced with this moral dilemma.And now, John is faced with two choices, one of which is to lie and live, confessing to the charge of witchcraft. If he chooses to take this option, there will be both good and bad outcomes. If John does this, he will be able to return home after a few months in jail and he could live to raise his sons, as he explains to Rebecca while contemplating his decision before confessing to Danforth, "Let them that never lied die now to keep their souls. It is pretense for me, a vanity that will not blind God nor keep my children out of the wind." If John chooses to lie, he could raise his children, and go back to living a quiet life with Elizabeth. On the downside of lying to save his life though, John would feel forever guilty with his decision of letting his friends die while he lied to keep alive. With the tremendous guilt that he had after his affair with Abigail, and the guilt of lying about his confession, John would feel even more worthless than he did before.The second choice that Proctor is faced with, is to tell the truth, and hang with all of his friends who refuse to sell themselves out to lies. If Proctor does this, he will no longer be the sinful man he thinks himself to be, and will have a clean name. When John is...

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