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“The Crucible” Mock Trial
The scenario:
John Proctor is not dead. Before Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, and John Proctor were hanged, a riot began to take place and was only stopped because Judge Danforth promised to hold a trial for the accused, John Proctor among them. John Proctor willingly had an affair with a young Puritan girl, Abigail Williams. Did Proctor take advantage of a young girl’s inexperience? It was Abigail’s vengeance that ignited a witch-hunt in a community whose “godly” Puritan image belied their dark secrets. If Proctor would have told of the affair from the very beginning, could he have saved many lives before the trials went rampant? Is Proctor to blame for further damaging an unstable emotionally troubled girl whose vengeance ravaged an entire community?
*** If found guilty he dies and his land will be auctioned leaving his sons without an inheritance. If found guilty but his moral character is believed to be redeemed the community can legally relinquish his estate to his sons. If found not guilty, his life will be saved.
The jury will decide.
The following will be present at the trial:
· Judge (Teacher’s Last Name)
· The defense attorney and witnesses
· The prosecuting attorney and witnesses
· The jury
Lawyers Decide:
Who will be your witnesses?
What evidence can you produce? Any potentially damaging testimonies?
What kind of penalty are you trying for? (Auction of Land, Compensation to Victims, Death Penalty)
Group roles:
· Attorney- Responsible for questioning witnesses and the accused, gathering evidence and testimonies. {One page response detailing questions and evidence}
· Witnesses – Will take on roles of characters in the play and will work with attorney to locate evidence you will verbally give to the jury. {One page response detailing questions and evidence}
· Jury: Must be able to recount both the defense and the prosecuting attorneys’ arguments in order to reach a verdict. {One page response detailing both arguments and your explanation for your decision regarding John Proctor.}
1. Each person in your group MUST have a significant role in the trial.
2. Each person in your group MUST turn in a typed account of what he/she has contributed to this project during its preparation and presentation.
3. The courtroom scene MUST demonstrate a thorough understanding of the play from which the characters are drawn.
4. The trial MUST include direct references to the play—for example, have characters give direct quotes that they gave in the play, use descriptions of scenes in the play, etc.
5. Your presentation should be between 5-7 minutes long. You will lose points if it is under or over the prescribed time.
6. Creativity counts!! You h...

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