The Cruel Brother Essay

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On a very hot afternoon in August, in an Arabic city, I was walking alone toward my home. I was exhausted, after a very busy day of working in a hospital, as an assistant to an ornery doctor. I was thinking of requesting to work in another department, when a young man and woman hurried beside me. He was hardly breathing, and she was very pale, holding an infant in her arms. They both seemed terrified of something or somebody. By a wave of ...view middle of the document...

They were trying to reach the taxi as fast as they could. All of a sudden, the young man stopped and ordered her to stay where she was, until he got his marriage doccument. With a lot of fear, sadness, and anger, she did. She sat on the ground of the side walk and faced a wall of a house. She started feeding her baby, probably to make him sleep.Curiosity made me watch them and I stopped near the woman, as if I was waiting for somebody. From her appearance, you knew that she didn't live in luxury. She was pretty, but hollow-eyed, as if she had'nt slept or eaten for a long time.While I was lost in revirie, another young man, who covered half of his face, came toward her. He stopped behind her in a threatening manner. She immediately stood up and peered at him with fear and pleading. She hugged her baby firmly, so he did'nt get hurt. The man, with all his strength, stabbed her with a knife and ran a way. She screamed loudly and so did I. She twitched and fell down. A few people hurried toward us. Her husband came running, but too late! I was terrified and shocked. Everything happened so quickly. I gave the husband the baby and promised myself not to be curious again. This is how the third world people resolve their problem. Isn't that sad?


queen elizabeth queen of england - workman - research paper

426 words - 2 pages Free of her most famous quotes is, “ I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too”. Elizabeth had many obstacles in life and even though life was cruel with her from a very young age she proved that she didn’t need a man to help her be queen. She proved she didn’t need from men to become one of the if not the greatest ruler the world has ever had. She was a confident and strong women that helped and impacted british history forever. She will be remembered forever for the things she has done.

Does Alexander The Great Deserve His Title "The Great?"

661 words - 3 pages rage and find this man. This started a whole new period of war and tactics.In order for Alexander to actually become king, he had to endure many difficult tasks. He had to compete against anyone who wanted to be king. This included his brother, whom he managed to beat. I mean, who would go to great extremes enough to kill their own brother?Alexander becomes the General of Army even before he becomes king. In Thebes, he was declared invincible

Hamlet-Is Ophelia the tragic figure? - English - Essay

1245 words - 5 pages my opinion, his demise comes as a result of his own greed. His need for power led him to murdering his brother. He realized that the only way to the throne was through his brother so he decided the best way to resolve that issue was through death. Killing someone is already bad enough but when you kill a relative it’s even more cruel. After killing his brother, Claudius displays his large amount of greed by saying “My fault is past. But oh, what

Cinderella by two different background - Bergen - Research Paper

1265 words - 6 pages Perrault and the brother Grimm’s, derives from different backgrounds, hence, the purpose of this research paper is to show the different elements and influence each author had in their stories. After the death of his first wife, a man, take for what he thought was the proudest and most haughty woman for a wife. The new wife has two daughters from a different marriage, as well as the man from his first wife named Cinderella. Cinderella new

how do the characters of Claudio, Leanato and Don Pedro behave towards Hero - year 10 - essay

1765 words - 8 pages from a man of such respect and power significantly strengthens Claudio’s argument, contributing further to the cruel treatment of Hero. Through the relationship between Claudio and Don Pedro, one can also gain an understanding of the importance of fraternal bonds at the time. A man would believe the word of his friend or brother over the word of a woman and instead of doubting Don Pedro, Claudio is quick to denounce Hero. Furthermore, Leonato

Write about a Key scene in Shakespeare's 'Richard III' which changes the readers view of Richard. - Berwickshire high school - Essay

1218 words - 5 pages murder. He is now her only son left and her lack of remorse when expressing the shame she feels towards him creates sympathy for Richard as these are very unkind things to be said by a mother about her child. In Act 2 scene 4 she describes him as a child as "the wretched'st thing". This is another harsh comment showing her shame in her son's deformities and personality. The blunt, cruel words used by him mother aid the sympathy building up for the

Diction and Tone of The Joy Luck Club - Harrison High School, Honors World Literature - Assignment

856 words - 4 pages Culture as I have learned, differs greatly from what we know, and not just in the sense of a different language. Failed marriages are shamed upon families, disgraced even. An-Mei's Hsu's mother (known as Taitai in the novel) left An-Mei and her younger brother for another man in the city. The two went to live with their grandmother who cast a shadow of great shame upon their mother, "fallen out of the bowels of a stupid goose, two eggs that

"1984" By George Orwell - The Following Talks About How Orwell Wrote His Book To Show Us The Evils Of Totalitarianism

3359 words - 14 pages . Therefore if he only obeys Big Brother, he can and will disobey Big Brother once more. However if he loves Big Brother, then he would not commit any type of act like that. Instead he would die for Big Brother and that is what he does at the end of the novel. The death of Winston shows that the Party is cruel and manipulative and that the Party will use its power to bring back every traitor into the Party through any manner that is necessary. Through

“Scenes of great suffering and of great tenderness help to make King Lear a very memorable play.” - 6th Year higher level English - Leaving Cert Essay

2317 words - 10 pages greatly touched me and I feel they were very memorable due to these scenes of great suffering and tenderness. The scenes most memorable to me in the play were, the scene of suffering that is Edmunds plan to deceive both his father, Gloucester, and his brother, Edgar, for his own personal gain. The scene is followed by another two scenes of suffering cause by Edmunds selfishness, Edgar’s need to flee and become a fugitive and Edmunds betray of his father

Discuss the Use of Setting in The Yellow Wallpaper - Bournemouth University/English BA - Essay

1168 words - 5 pages ] old fashioned flowers’ (Gilman p11), the nursery itself has been transformed into a prison cell of sorts, with the bed nailed to the floor and the windows barred. This symbolises the narrator’s sense of entrapment and possibly even the controlling nature of her relationship, she is unable to enjoy the beauty and freedom of the outside world whilst trapped under the palm of the men in her life – her brother and husband who both strongly advise


902 words - 4 pages American citizens. The Iraqi's were portrayed as monsters and the US public felt obligated to do fight against this cruel force. The US military was now the protector and the hero of an entire nation. The United States had the support of millions of people.         The atrocities of war were not the only form of propaganda used by both Hussein and Bush. Hussein showed allied pilots that had been shot down and proclaimed that the allies

the kite runner Amir and Hassan Relationship - English - Essay

1348 words - 6 pages helping his friend out he decides to run away from a problem that literally  gives his friendship with Amir a whole 360 flip. As the day goes on Amir acts as if nothing  happens but their friendship sours. After the rape, Amir and Hassan spend less time  together and Amir is very cruel to Hassan, Amir starts to feel guilt but does not want to see  Hassan because hes feels disgusted. He feels so much disgust that he even asks his father  if they

The kite runner amir and hassan relationship - Marc and eva stern math and science/ english - essay

1348 words - 6 pages helping his friend out he decides to run away from a problem that literally  gives his friendship with Amir a whole 360 flip. As the day goes on Amir acts as if nothing  happens but their friendship sours. After the rape, Amir and Hassan spend less time  together and Amir is very cruel to Hassan, Amir starts to feel guilt but does not want to see  Hassan because hes feels disgusted. He feels so much disgust that he even asks his father  if they

Hamlet by William Shakespeare Essay - Orchard Park/ English - Essay

2223 words - 9 pages King Hamlet was admired and respected by all, and the strength of my pride got in the way of giving old Hamlet an honourable and well-deserved funeral. If I had prevented these sins from corrupting my mind, I never would have been able to betray my brother in such a cruel way. Next, the sin of wrath had completely infected my brain when my nephew, Hamlet, became suspicious of my actions. The wrath and greed that was controlling my life refused

Compare Orsino And Olivia, And Discuss How Their Attitudes About Strong Emotions Are Similar. What Does Shakespeare Suggest About The Nature Of Love In His Portrayal Of These Two Characters?

1099 words - 5 pages to wax lyrical about his passion, commenting how "his desires, like fell and cruel hounds, e'er since pursue him". Orsino laments how he is so in love with Olivia that he is totally mesmerised by her. One inference which can be made of Orsino's character at this moment is his masochistic nature; savouring the pain of love, drowning himself in self-pity and acting ever so restless. It is worthwhile to note that throughout Orsino's lovelorn