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My relationship with the popular culture of today is a fair one, however, I live in an age that is piled up with people that associate their lives with whatever appears to be opulent to them. I, for one, don't generally think about what's hot and what’s not, I simply like things that appear to be cool to me. There were a couple of times I went shopping and I couldn't choose whether I ought to get Nike brand shoes, an outstanding and exceptionally well-known brand, or another brand of shoes say, New Balance. I took a gander at the two types of shoes and I ran with the New Balance in view of the way they looked, they looked cool to me. Even though Nike is an extremely “hot” brand, it doesn't imply that I need the "hot" new thing. Also, I have seen advertisements on YouTube for a game app called, "Toon Blast", and I understood that they cast Ryan Reynolds, an extremely well-known, loved actor for his work in the new "hot" films Deadpool, as their representative, and to be straightforward I nearly downloaded the application due to Ryan Reynolds in the promotions. Though "hot" things are what people want, it will in the long run die out and new "hot" things will surface.
The cultural narrative in America today is based solely on the idea of escapism. Escapism is the shirking of disturbing, tiresome, strenuous, frightening, or cliché parts of the regular day to day life. It can also, be used as a term to describe the activities people make to help diminish industrious sentiments of discouragement or general bitterness. This incorporates watching, movies/T. V shows, listening to music, playing video games, and so on.
Viewing superhero films is an incredible method for demonstrating escapism. When you watch a superhero movie that is based on heroes that don't have any powers, for instance, Batman, it reminds us that we don't need to be from an alien planet or have any superpowers to make a difference. While it offers motivation to help other people, it gives a genuinely nice escape. Everyone wants to explore different alternate universes now and again, yet viewing our most loved heroes face real-world issues, just demonstrates that not only can the issue be solved, but that you can be the hero that solves it. Wh...


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