The Deaf Girl Who Lived In The Woods - Roselle Park High School - Short Story

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A text message from Becca appears on Jess’s phone. What are you cooking for dinner tonight? As Jess is preoccupied with something, she could not immediately text back her friend. Rapidly shaking her cat bowl, Jess is trying to call her cat over for food. The cat comes sprinting inside for her food. As Jess is checking her phone, Becca is cheerfully walking towards her house in the woods.
Becca sends a text message to Jess as she is coming closer, “Don’t see any flames from here anyway.”
“Not yet”
Closing the door behind her, Jess walks out of her house, approaching Becca. Becca slips her phone into her pocket. In sign language, Becca expresses how much she loved the book Jess wrote about.
“You don’t need to talk in sign language.”
“I know you can read lips, but I’m getting better at sign.”
                “I…uh. want to practice”
“What did you think of the book in sign Jess responds?”
        “I loved it, I tried to predict the ending!”
                “But, I was way off, how did you do it?”
        “My mom calls it, “working with your imagination.” Any possible outcome is like many possible ends to a movie.”
                    “That’s amazing!”
            “Hard to make conversations in quiet.”
                            “A voice?”
            “Yes, I have a voice in my mind. The voice sounds like my mom.”
“Whatever is going on in your brain, I think you are fabulous storyteller.”
Smoke alarm goes off in the house; Becca and Jess go bursting inside. The chicken Jess was cooking earlier was on fire. Jess quickly takes down the smoke alarm, and throws it onto the floor managing to remove all the batteries and loose parts.
“Out of breath, Becca utters, “that is one heck of a fire alarm.”
“I need to feel the vibrations. That is why the fire alarm is very loud.”
“Jeez, that was scary. Well, hope you sleep well as Becca was leaving.”
Jess closes the glass door behind her, but forgets to lock it. She sees a text from her boyfriend, Craig.
“I thought of you today.”
She doesn’t open the message, but ignores it. Jess opens up her laptop while chewing on her food. She begins to type about her thoughts, zoning out. All the voices in her head begin to talk to one another. She becomes lost in her thoughts. Her boyfriend’s facetime call appears on her screen; as fast as she could slams her laptop shut. Jess goes to her kitchen to clean everything up and throw out the leftovers. Banging hard on the glass door in her kitchen, Becca’s face gliding on the door to let Jess in. Jess does not hear a single sound, and continues to clean her kitchen. Suddenly, a man with a white mask covering his face approaches and stabs Becca in her stomach to the point where she bleeds to death.
The man’s hand with black gloves taps on the door several times to catch Jess’s attention; however, Jess doesn’t notice at all. She casually sits on her sofa continuing to finish writing in her journal. The man emerges behind her on with a sharp, long knife. Still, Jess doesn’t notice a single event occurring around her. He silently takes her phone from the kitchen counter located behind her. Text messages begin to appear on the top of her laptop screen. They were of her own self from her phone; moreover, they were pictures of Jess sitting on that exact couch at that exact moment. Her heart pounding in fear, she turns her head to the glass door that is slightly open. She runs to the door, and sees the man in the mask standing with bow and arrows on his back with a knife. Jess sprung to her door as the man was running to the door too. Before he got in, she banged it shut. Jess dashes to each window and door to lock them. The man went to the power box near the house. Before Jess could get on her laptop and call 911, she lost connection and the lights went off. She is panicking in fear. Running to the bathroom, Jess begins to cry in silence. She hears tapping noises on the window. It was Becca’s body being used to tap on that window. Jess begins to burst out crying even more as she sees blood all over her body. The man comes behind Becca’s body as he is holding the body to scare her. Jess closes the curtains not knowing what to do. As the noise stops, she slowly looked out the window and to find Becca’s body laying there. She tries to not make any noise and opened the window recalling to the get phone Becca had in her back pocket. The man approaches swiftly so Jess sprints back inside through the window. As the man tries to grab Jess, his hand gets caught in the window which leads him to bleed uncontrollably.  He gets the shirt of Becca, and wraps it around his bleeding hand. Jess sobbing in tears, turns around and falls to the floor. Jess gains self confidence and starts to think about ideas to distract the man so she can leave her house. She goes into her attic to see what the man is doing. Climbing out her window, Jess throws a flashlight far into the woods where the man sees from the corner of his eyes leading him to think that Jess is in the woods somewhere. She climbs out her attic window onto her roof.
“Where should I run from.”
“You can’t escape, don’t try or you will die as a deep voice yells.”
As she starts to put another step forward on her she is shot with a bow and arrow right onto her left thigh.  The man climbs tries to climb the vineyard tree located right under where she is standing, but Jess manages to get inside her house back through the window. She wouldn’t stop bleeding: the bow and arrow was deep into her thighs. She took off her shirt and wrapped her thigh after she took out the bow and arrow.
Craig comes to the front door of her house. He sees around and doesn’t see Jess anywhere around. The killer comes up to Craig with a flashlight pretending to be a cop.
“Hands up, sir”
Craig throws up his hands.
“I am only here to check up on Jess. She wasn’t answering my messages, so I just thought I’d come see what she is doing.”
“Are you her neighbor the man inquired?”
“No..., I am her boyfriend.”
“Doesn’t seem like it, the man replied.”
As the killer turns away to see if Jess is trying to escape, Craig notices blood on the floor. This was the blood from Becca’s body when the man dragged her body away from the kitchen glass door. Craig becomes doubtful about what is occuring in front of his eyes.
“ Are you sure you are a cop?”
The man takes out a knife and takes a hold of Craig stabbing it into Craig’s throat. Craig tries to get a grip of the man, and takes him down onto the leaves. Jess sees all this happening, but she knows that she won’t be able to run fast enough to be able to escape because of her injured thigh. In fact, she remains inside the house sobbing in silence. She opens up her journal on her laptop to write to her parents: she knows that she won’t be able to survive for long. Therefore, in her journal she describes the man with all his features including blue eyes, hair color, and his outfit. The man angrily cracks the glass door with a hammer he got from the house, entering inside her house. Running upstairs to her bathroom with a knife from the kitchen, she is unable to close the door behind her. Succeeding to stab the man with the knife, she begins to run, but she becomes very weak due to the loss of blood in her body. Jess comes downstairs to hide in her kitchen near a cabinet with all the bottle chemicals. Unfortunately, the man makes it downstairs, but as soon as he comes closer to Jess she sprays him in the eyes with pesticide spray from her kitchen cabinet. Afterwards, she stabs him in the throat with a loose metal spring she found on the ground laying near her from the smoke alarm.    
Gushing out blood everywhere, the killer falls to the ground closing his eyes out breath and loss of blood. Jess gets the phone out of his pocket to call 911. Sirens begin to ring as the police are coming closer and closer to her cabin house. She gazes at the trees closing her eyes, reflecting on everything that just happened within one night.

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