Assignment On The Decline Of Yez

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Question 1Aim: To work out the number of steps until the robot reaches the direction facing east.Process: Draw a table and work out the steps.






















Solution: 450-360=90 ( ...view middle of the document...

Process:Square the number at the end of each of the numbers and add them together. The ending of that number will match the sum of the two squared numbers together.A: 44²+77²=4477 4²=16 7²=49 16+49=65B: 55²+66²=5566 5²=25 6²=36 25+36=61C: 66²+55²=6655 6²=36 5²=25 36+25=61D: 88²+33²=8833 8²=64 3²=9 64+9=73E: 99²+22²=9922 9²=81 2²=4 81+4=85Solution:D is the only equation that matches the rule: therefore the equation is correct.Question 3Aim: To work out an algebraic expression and add the sum of the variables together.Process:Solution:0.5+4+6=10.5Question 4Aim: To find out the area of a rectangle with an unknown length.Process:Solution: 15x18=270

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