The Differences And Similarities Of Burglary Vs Robbery - College Of Southern Nevada Criminal Justice - Essay

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Burglary versus Robbery
Samer Ghafarji
College of Southern Nevada
Burglary Versus Robbery
Most people may not know the difference between the terms burglary and robbery unless
you were living in the world of criminal justice. Burglary and robbery are two separate crimes
that have similarities but they are completely different crimes. Robbery is a serious crime which
is the action of taking or attempting to take anything by force, the threat of force, or by inflicting
fear to that victim. There are five different elements that have to be met for it to be considered a
robbery. There are different types of robbery such as armed robbery which involves the use of
weapons. There is aggravated assault as well which is almost the same thing but it is when they
have deadly weapons or something that appears deadly. The first element is the taking with the
intent to steal. To be considered robbery their has to be the intent to steal, in a crime we call that
the mens rea which is the state of mind that you have to have this intention to steal. The second
element is it has to be the personal property of someone else. Whatever you are robbing it has to
belong to someone else for it be considered a robbery. The third element is from his person or in
their presence this means it has to happen right in front of that person or near that person. The
fourth element is it has to be against his or her will, they have to be forcing that person to give
you the item or taking it from them. They cannot be voluntarily giving you the stuff it has to be
against their will. The fifth element has to be by violence, intimidation or the threat of force. This
element is very particular and I say that because if violence is not being used against the person
whose property is being taken the person has to show that they were actually intimidated by the
threat of force.
Burglary is the ​entry into a building or structure illegally with the intent to commit a
crime. The common law definition of burglary is another set of five elemen...

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