The Doctor: The Positive Effects Of Cancer Question Of God Essay About The Film "The Doctor"

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The Positive Effect of Cancer
The film, The Doctor, is about a heart surgeons long journey from being perfectly healthy, to horribly sick, and his road to recovery. The doctor, Jack, is used to being the surgeon that helps heal patients, and in the process of recovering, he sees what it is like to in the patient's shoes for the first time. The film starts with Jack in his normal routine. He is taking care of patients, performing surgeries, and living a normal life at home with his wife and son. Then, his life was turned upside down. Jack was diagnosed with throat cancer. The very successful surgeon became a patient. Although the form of cancer that Jack had was treatable, it is still a huge wakeup call for him. Having cancer and going through all of the procedures left a huge impression on Jack. Cancer changed him forever. Jack transformed from being a selfish, self centered surgeon, to a doctor that put his patients first and pursued the internal good of being a doctor, and three scenes capture every moment in his transformation.
The first scene is when Jack is getting ready to perform a surgery, and he starts playing music in the background. The music he plays is about getting drunk, and it makes the patient noticeably uncomfortable. This scene happens days before Jack got diagnosed with cancer, and he is still emotionless toward his patients. This scene shows Jack, along with all of the other doctors in the operating room, treating the patient and not giving anything that he is doing a second thought. Doctors that act like this are doing nothing but pursuing the external good of getting a paycheck for treating patients. Although doctors are meant to help and heal people, they can very easily get caught up in the money instead of truly caring for their patients.
The next scene is when Jack sees Mr. Richards in the parking garage. Mr. Richards locked his keys in his car, and Jack stopped to help. This scene shows...

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