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The Dying Concept of Online Privacy
From a BBC article entitled, “Is Privacy Dead in an Online World?” it states that
online privacy is dead. Privacy and data are one of the biggest problems that concern
everyone and are issues of much importance around the world since the creation of new
technologies that contrast online safety and personal data. Our online information is
collected, stored, analyzed, copied and distribute easily since the data protection and privacy
act was passed in 2011. To address this issue we are going to see how company keep our
personal information in their files and sometime sell it for profit or improving the marketing
of their products, secondly how everybody we encounter use a cell phone and how that
device give out a lot of personal information and the government use those information to
spy on people in the name of public and national security, and at last the upcoming of free
different social media platform doesn’t help our privacy. These factors convince some of the
scientists that privacy is a dying concept. Because modern technology is part of our new Era, our
online privacy is dead, invoking that our privacy is at risk if we want it or not. We should all be
concern about that issue because our information or data is out here on the web.
As an illustration, most companies keep sensitive personal information in their files, this
includes names: Social Security numbers, credit cards, or other account data that identifies
customers or employees. Sometime sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, and lead to fraud,
identity theft, or similar harms. That’s what happen in September 2017, which one of the biggest
consumer reporting agencies Equifax was hacked putting out millions of people's information.
There were online hackers and other unlawful people who took advantage of that reality and
stole many medical records, bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers, and entire
identities with a click of a mouse. From this example alone, we can say that our online privacy is
not doing that good.
Furthermore, nowadays everybody that we interact with owns a cell phone. Evidence
obtained by press companies stated that many government agencies are collecting billions of
records a day to track the location of mobile users around the world. This collection is performed
under the government international surveillance authority. They tap...

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