The Effect Of Dynamic Instantiation Dhs 11 Essay

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DoE/Feb. – March 2011
MARKS: 150
TIME: 3 hours
This question paper consists of 9 pages, 5 diagram sheets and 1 information sheet.
Read the following instructions carefully before answering the questions.
This question paper consists of 12 questions.
Answer ALL the questions.
Clearly show ALL calculations, diagrams, graphs, et cetera that you have used in determining the answers.
Answers only will not necessarily be awarded full marks.
An approved scientific calculator (non-programmable and non-graphical) may be used, unless stated otherwise.
Round your answers off to TWO decimal places if necessary, unless stated otherwise.
Diagrams are NOT necessarily drawn to scale.
FIVE diagram sheets for QUESTION 1.2, QUESTION 2.1, QUESTION 2.2, QUESTION 3.1, QUESTION 8.1 and QUESTION 12.3 are attached at the end of this question paper. Write your centre number and examination number on these sheets in the spaces provided and insert them inside the back cover of your ANSWER BOOK.
An information sheet, with formulae, is included at the end of this question paper.
Number the answers correctly according to the numbering system used in this question paper.
Write legibly and present your work neatly.
The table below gives a breakdown of the PSL log standings for the 8 top teams at the end of 2008/2009.
Orlando Pirates
Kaizer Chiefs
Free State Stars
Golden Arrows
Bidvits Wits
Ajax Cape Town
[Source: http://www.safa-_psl log]
If the average points for these 8 teams is 48,375, show that
Draw a box and whisker diagram of the information given on DIAGRAM SHEET 1.
The individual masses (in kg) of 25 rugby players are given below:
78 102 88 93 81 90 75 60 76 75
68 90 80 77 81 69 60 83 91 100
80 70 81 64 70
Complete the following table on DIAGRAM SHEET 1
MASS (kg)
Draw an ogive (cumulative frequency curve) of the above information on the grid provided on diagram sheet 2.
Calculate the mean mass of the rugby players.
How many rugby players have masses within one standard deviation of the mean? From your calculations, calculate the percentage of the rugby players who have masses within one standard deviation of the mean.
A group of 12 learners was asked to measure their arm span (from fingertip to fingertip) and their height. The data below was gathered.
Arm span (cm)
Height (cm)
Represent the data as a scatter plot on the grid provided on DIAGRAM SHEET 3.
Draw a line of best fit for this scatter plot.
Would you expect a person with below average arm span to be...

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