The Elbow Girl Based On A Story That Can Bend Her Elbows All The Way Back. English 7th Essay Story

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“The Elbow Girl”
Emmanuel Castillo
1422 Mcentire Rd Tryon, NC ​28782
7th Grade
Immaculata Catholic School
Prompt #’s 1,2
“The Elbow Girl” 1
“Stop that’s nasty, Rachel!” Ryan said. Rachel was chasing Ryan down the Kentucky
River with her elbows backwards and laughing wickedly. No one knew how Rachel got her
elbow to do that. Some say she’s double jointed. But Rachel didn’t believe them. She thought it
was magic. Ryan got very annoyed by the way his sister bent her elbows. So he punched Rachel
in the face, and she wailed like a baby and ran home with her elbows still backward. “Wait, I
didn’t mean to hit you!” He ran off to the house where Rachel was crying inside. When he
arrived their parents were frightened. They have never seen Rachel ever do twist her elbows like
Ryan asked, “What happened, Dad?”
The Father responded, “Son, have you ever seen Rachel do this?”
He looked at Rachel to see what she was doing. Her elbows were backward, and Ryan
gulped. “Yes,” he admitted.
A few hours later there was a knock. “Come in,” the Father said in a deep voice.
“The Orthopedic Specialist is here, Mother,” said Ryan.
“Good,” Mother said.
“Hello, my name is Dr. Coventio. I am an Orthopedic specialist.”
“Yes, thank you for getting here so fast. My daughter’s elbows are bending in a strange
way.” Dr. Conventio went into Rachel’s room asked a few questions about her elbows. She
answered all of his questions correctly.
“The Elbow Girl” 2
“Okay, I want to see what this elbow thing is about.” said Dr. Coventio. Rachel bent her
arms back until it was visible to the doctor. “UUUUGGGGHHHH! What kind of witchery is
this!” said the Doctor. “She is not a human but a very strange animal!”.
Rachel cried “I don’t know how this possible. It just happens!”
“Nonsense! She will be sent out into the woods to live by herself!”
Rachel ran out of the room in despair so no one would capture her and throw her into the
woods. Suddenly, she tripped and cut her elbows. “Oww!” She got back up and saw a little
cottage in the forest. Rachel walked closer to see what is was. She stepped carefully, trying to...

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