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The End of the World Intermediate Composition End of the World Thesis: The world will come to an end, eventually, whether it comes through punishment of God, or by a more scientific destruction of the world.I. There are many possible apocalyptic events according to the Bible.A. Jesus returns to end all evil on Judgment Day.B. A New Heaven will be established after the Judgment day.II. The apocalypse may be caused by destruction of Earth by its people.A. Global Warming leads to an apocalypse.B. Destruction of forests leads to an apocalypse.C. Mass extinction of animals leads to an apocalypse.III. Overpopulation is causing a severe wasting of natural resources.A. Most of the present day ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand if you were Charles Darwin you would only believe that we developed from single cell organisms, and through natural selection and evolution we became as we are today. The second part of the question "where are we going?" is slowly being filtered into our lives at the coming of the new millennium. From both sides of the fronts, religious and science, we here that the earth is being or will be destroyed. Religiously, we hear that in the next century will bring new changes brought on by God. God claims that he will return to Earth to punish all sinners and reward all those who followed his teachings. A new age will begin, one that is ruled and is inhabited only by the good. It will be a beautiful paradise that will last an eternity. The world will come to an end, eventually, whether it comes through punishment of God, or by a more scientific destruction of the world; whether it happens in four, twenty, 1000, or 1015 years. The end of the world is uncertain and there are many different paths that could be followed that lead to the end of civilization. In this report many different scenarios will be played out. Many biblical experts, environmental experts, and visionaries have concluded that the world will come to an end; most believe that it will soon be too late to do anything about it.The best known source to look for guidance concerning the end of the world is the Bible. In the Bible there are two main books concerning the apocalypse (a great or total devastation or doom). They are Daniel and Revelation. These books contain prophesies concerning the destruction of the world and the salvation of those who are good. They are written using symbolism in an attempt to hide their true meaning to enemies of Christianity. The authors of the books believe that the age we live in now is ruled by evil, and this age will soon come to an end to be ruled by God himself. During the time that Revelation was being written by John the disciple, the Christians were being harshly persecuted by the Roman emperor Domitian in 90 A.D.. Revelation was used by John to give those being persecuted hope, telling them to withstand the hardships of the days because a new age ruled by God was to come. It was used to prepare people for the last intervention by God with the humans.("Revelation" 1) This is a horrifying thought for many people, especially sinners. But to those people who are truly good, this is a chance for them to embrace the Lord, and look forward to going to the New Heaven.If looking for evidence about the end of the world, one can not shut out the horrible, but believable predictions made by prophets. A prophet is defined as a person who delivers messages from God, or tells of visions from the future. An example of a prophet in the Bible, and one of the most famous, is Jesus. But probably the most famous, non-biblical prophet was a man named Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus. Nostradamus was born in Southern France on December...

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