The Essay Is A Opinionated Essay That Takes About How One Man Can Co Anderson Cvi Essay

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Elijah Onabolu
Mrs. Bureau
25 March 2019
The Charmer by Budge Wilson
There is always that one person in the family who has a cause and an effect on the family’s dysfunction. The Charmer by Budge Wilson demonstrates the themes of manipulation. It illustrates how Zachery can manipulate any type of situation to whatever he desires. Interestingly, Zachary uses his charm and distinct features to disguise the pain he was experiencing internally. He keeps a lot of secrets from his relatives and exhibits very untrustworthy behavior, but despite all this, he still has admirers and is still seen as the household hero to his sisters and mother. His charm and actions are the root of his family’s dysfunction. Thus, by examining how Zachary manipulates his family in The Charmer it is evident that he is the cause of his family’s destructive issues.
Zachary’s manipulation of his mother is a primary cause of the family dysfunction. The Charmer represents manipulation in various ways. It shows how much of an impact Zachary has on his family, especially with the females. Zachary is overwhelmed with love and admiration from them. However, he takes advantage of their kind gestures and never really appreciates what they do for him. This is evident to be a person vs. person conflict with the female characters because Zachary is showing struggle, when it comes to treating them with the same kind of respect and generosity, they lay onto to him. With his mother, who has a soft spot for him, he manipulates the fact that she always defends him even when his actions become uncontrollably self-centered. It is hard for her to even stay mad at him if he “delivers apologies that would have brought tears to a preacher’s eyes” (Wilson 4). He takes any chance he got, to get someone to do what he wants. For example, the time when his mother was not home and he took a large wedge out of a cake that his mother made for a church. That, of course, got her mad, but he still manipulates the situation with his charm and poetic words to get the pressure off of him by saying “My mother, my queen!” (3) or saying “How could someone with any taste buds at all ignore the creation of so great a cook? ”(3). He praises her while giving her one of his special bear hugs to butter her up. He also gets her laughing and even gets her to make batter for a whole new cake. Zachary’s manipulations made her so passive however, it does not end with just his mother, it continues...

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