The Essay Is A Research Paper That Arguments A Law In Florida That Prohibits Homosexual Men And Women From Adopting Children

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The ability to build a family with the person one loves is a blessing. The possibility of this actually happening for some individuals is merely a dream. There are many loving children who dream of the same; to one day have a family of their own. The amount of children waiting for adoption in Florida increases by the day, yet so does the number of qualified parents that have been rejected due to their sexual orientation. In Florida, there is a law that forbids homosexuals from adopting children. This policy is unconstitutional and disagrees with the majority of our nations policies. Because the problem of equal adoption rights for gay/lesbian individuals is so widespread in the Uni ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, without any substantial evidence, the singer continued to assert that homosexual were not only unfit parents but they were also child molesters (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 7). Many myths, like this one, which surfaced from anti-gay activists like Anita Bryant, are wrong and misleading. For example, being a homosexual is in no way connected to pedophilia (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 109). Regardless of this, the gay adoption ban was presented to the Senators; not many State Senators voted against it (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 7). One Senator, Donald Chamberlin, vehemently opposed the ban and attempted to convey to the group that this policy strips gay/lesbian individuals from their constitutional rights; this policy displays discrimination (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 7). Despite the many tiresome attempts to prevent this law from passing, the law was approved by senate on June 7, 1977.Evidently, what many failed to perceive was the effect that this policy would inflict on society: indirectly and directly. For example, Doug is a homosexual who is in a court room struggle against the Florida policy because he wants to legally adopt Oscar, a child who was given to him at the age of three by the boy's father (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 1). In an article published on Fathers Day 2001, Doug spoke about his son: "I can't say what every child needs, but I do know what Oscar needs: attention, love, guidance, and support. That's what he gets from me" (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 2). A home study conducted in 2000, stated that Doug is indeed a good farther and that Oscar was well taken care of (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 2). The study also showed that there was evidence of love, respect, and a constructive relationship between father and son; yet, the case to approve Oscar's adoption was dismissed because of the Florida policy (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 2). As a result, many innocent children, like Oscar, are being separated from foster parents they have learned to love. Many of these children will grow up to be a burden on society. Because of the lack of attention they receive, foster children grow up rebellious and often join neighborhood gangs. With many parents ready and able to adopt many of these children, Florida still denies adoption rights to homosexuals because of several studies that were conducted to support their position.Judith Stacey, a senior scholar with the Council on Contemporary Families, Professor of Sociology, and the Streisand Professor of Contemporary Gender Studies at University of South Carolina, states that there are no scientific indications that show that homosexuals are not able parents (48). She continues to say that the results of previous studies conducted in order to favor Florida's posit...


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