The Essay Is Titled "my Favorite Day," It's About My Aunts Wedding - English 1101 - Essay

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Ibarra 1
Ivette Ibarra
Professor Allen
English 1101
25 February 2019
My Favorite Day
It was a whole new day, I opened my eyes and I could already smell the love in the air. I
could hear all the chatter, all the excitement within the conversations. I was dreading waking up.
I hated weddings and the idea of them. After fighting with myself, I decided to get up from bed. I
began to walk towards the sound and as I approached the room, I could not help but smile really
big, looking at her took my breath away. I was beginning to feel a tiny bit of excitement. I had
never seen her so dolled up, her hair up and that pin on her hair was a shiny as that highlight on
her face. It was finally wedding day for my beautiful aunt.
Our day started the moment our eyes opened. When I saw someone, the first thing I
noticed was their dark purple eyebags. No one was frighten of them because all the makeup
would hide them. As we got ready, I remember my mom walking in with a bluetooth speaker.
Our favorite song played first and all I could hear was our voices harmonizing throughout the
song. After we finished getting our hair and makeup done, it was time to face my enemy, the
dress. As much as I despised the idea of me in a dress, I had to put it on. The clock finally struck
11:00 A.M., and it was time to head to the church for the ceremony.
The groom and his groomsmen were the first...

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