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The Executive Department A. The Officers (President and Vice President) 1. Term of Office: The president and vice president shall hold office for a term of 4 years.2. The Electoral College: A) A group of people who elect the president. State legislature decide how the elector will be chosen. The number of electors chosen is done by how many sentors and house repsentives added together.B) Now each elector shall cast a seprate v ...view middle of the document...

3. Qualifications for President: You must be a natural born citizen, the age of 35 and must live in the nation for more than 14 years.4. Provisions for vacancy of the Presidency: B) The Powers of the President 1. Power over the navy, army, and state militia's.2. Must have the consent of congress to make major argeements with other contries or the appointment of public officals 3. To make temporary appointments when congress is not in session.4. He shall have the power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States 5. He may require the opinion in writing of the principal officer in each executive departments upon any subject relating the officers duties.6. Also with the consent of the Senate he shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officals of the United States.C) The Duties of the President 1. He must give a State of the Union address at least once a year.2. Call special sessions of congress to decided at matters on a subject.3. Adjourn Congress if the two houses are divdied about a matter 4. Receive ambassadors and commission officers.5. He must see that the laws are being faithfully executed.


The Presidency: As Time Changed Power Gained

515 words - 3 pages Free congress will do, including the proposed budget. The president's power of chief legislator has expanded because of the growth of the executive branch of government. Instead of just the president and his staff, the executive branch now has many large agencies such as the Department of Justice, Treasury Department and Environmental Protection Agency. Congress now relies on these agencies for the proposal of complicated legislation. The

Business Buying Behavior And Buying Process

3104 words - 13 pages retail stores and creating new avenues where the products could be sold.3. Finance department - the finance department looks after all the financial aspects of the business starting from paying salaries to purchase of fabrics.4. Human resource - Human resource department took care of need of work force in the organization, it develops appraisal programs and executive development schemes.5. Technology department - As the technology keep changing in the

Toyota Satisfaction Committee Assignment

1067 words - 5 pages operational department is key to success of the committee structure. * Another key factor to success of the committee structure is that each subcommittee is chaired by Toyota Vice President execustives. * Executive leaders of the subcommittees are responsible for involving all affected departments in determining problems and developing action plans related to customer satisfaction. Their involvement secures support and commitment for programs that

From CFO To CEO: Do You Think Finance Departments Are The Best Place To Train Future CEOs?

864 words - 4 pages policies. The CFO manages all other financial managers' department heads of their perspectives duties. The CFO manages the controllers, cash managers, insurance managers, credit managers, and many other task under there direct supervision."A competent chief executive must have an understanding of number, that doesn't mean that an understanding of the numbers is all it takes to make a good CEO. If finance is the only skill a person brings to the

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1105 words - 5 pages the case. Executive The role of an Executive officer (Premier or Cabinet) has the role of enforcing the law. They do not pass or interpret them, they enforce the law as written by legislature and interpreted by judiciary. Each member of executive has own responsibility for each department. Minister is someone who’s a politician and head of the department of government. They make and implement decisions on policies, work cooperatively with other

Human Trafficking Research Assignment - Ap Government - Research

1918 words - 8 pages “Clinton Global Initiative” and signed an executive order strengthening the federal government's “zero-tolerance policy against contracting with organizations involved in any way with human trafficking”. However, not all efforts by the federal government to fight human trafficking have been successful. In 2012, a federal judge dismissed the largest case ever by the Department of Justice involving human trafficking after a grand jury had indicted six

Issue Management Paper On Executive Compensation Pay

2862 words - 12 pages , as well as to promote shareholder value creation3.However, in the past decade companies, mainly Fortune 250, have hired executive compensation consultants to implement a pay system for the CEOs of the company. In a company, a compensation committee and Human Resource department is responsible for hiring a consultant to devise a pay for the CEO or tailor actuarial services like health plan, retirement plan or insurance plans for employees. The

The Purpose Of Accounting

1362 words - 6 pages communicates the economic events of an organization to interested users." (eBook Collection, Accounting in Action, Chapter 1, p 4.)In order to identify with the economic events of an organization, a company will select the economic events that are specifically related to its business. After the economic events of the Texas A&M System are identified for each department, the campus records the events in order to provide a history of the financial

Article II of the US Constitution grants the president numerous powers and responsibilities - Government - Paper

1437 words - 6 pages Free presidents first role is as chief executive, the head of the executive branch and most of its workers. He is responsible for the ethics, loyalty, efficiency, and responsiveness of the federal government and its employees. The evolution of the chief executives primary role provides a useful example of how the presidential power has developed through the years. At the outset, the Constitution granted the chief executive the power to appoint all

GenRays Human Resources Information System - Project management

2389 words - 10 pages interest of each stakeholder of a project. Moreover, one can understand which stakeholder needs to be communicated immediately through application of this tool. B. HRIS Project Project Title: Human Resource Information Management System Purpose: the purpose of the project is to introduce a new payroll system for the human resource of GenRays Company. The executive department will analyze the project and take decision regarding the

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1003 words - 5 pages service-based economy. The services industry comprises about two-thirds of the country’s GDP, while the mining and agricultural sectors now contribute around 6 per cent to GDP. “It's my belief that a lot of the businesses that moved their activity to the Philippines for a significant cost saving are now concerned by their customer dissatisfaction,” Darren Lord, chief executive officer of The Smart Group, says. “They are now looking for a better

Voice Recognition--Fantasy Or Reality? Tech Paper

3188 words - 13 pages the executive team.The Executive Team is willing to try the Voice Recognition Program as long as it is not excessively expensive. The Executive Team would like to give this a try considering none of them have the time or the desire to learn to type their own notes and correspondence. The Information Technology Department has received approval to begin the search for a Voice Recognition Software Package.Voice RecognitionWe will start by defining

Dual Digital Media Support Service Centralization Project - Sheridan - Assisgnment

1470 words - 6 pages operational center. Assumptions · The 4 Canada sites and 1 USA site are located as follow: City Province Site # Country Toronto Ontario Head Office Canada Vancouver British Columbia Site 1 Canada Edmonton Alberta Site 2 Canada New York City New York Site 3 USA Montreal Quebec Site 4 Canada · The Centralization Project will start effective December 1st and everything will be implemented on May 1st, 2016. Executive Summary The project will focus on 5

EMT ICS 100 review and notes needed - stony brook university ISM101 - research paper

2308 words - 10 pages . Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. HOW TO PREPARE FOR WORKPLACE EMERGENCIES. (1988 Revised) OSHA 3088. Available from Occupational Safety and Health Administration Publications Office, Room N3101, Washington, DC 20210, (202) 523-9667. Cohen, Gary, executive ed. THE CITIZENS TOXICS PROTECTION MANUAL. (1988). Available from the national Campaign Against Toxic Hazards, 29 Temple Place, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

Aid To Dependent Corporations (Univ. Of Phoenix - SOC 101)

1068 words - 5 pages understand how the rich continue to get richer, all at the cost of the United States taxpayer. Chuck Collins brings out many instances of corporate wealthfare in his article. For example, since 1987, American Barrick Resources Corporation has been extracting gold from a Nevada mine. They have pocketed $8.75 billion but paid only minimal rent to the Department of the Interior (15). I have to wonder why a billion dollar corporation would need