The Extremes Of Love Shown By Hitler During World War 2 - Harvard University- English Wing Major - Essay

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Geography migrant role play
Dylan, Luke, and Frank
*Loud Bang* - F
“What’s that noise brother?”- L
“I’m not sure.”- D
*Robber (Frank) enters room and says,
“Get down on the floor and hands in the air! Make any noise, I will shoot, try and escape, I will shoot!”- F
*Aims gun at their heads- F
*Both start to mumble
“Where is the money?”- F
Mumbles, “We don’t have much”- D
*loud whimpering intensifies
Mumbles, “All we have is in the vault over there, the numbers are 1, 2, and 3.”- D
*Opens vault and grabs all of the money in the sack
Threatens, “Tell the authorities, and I will be back. Next time you won’t be so lucky.”- F
“We have to get to Australia, Iraq is too dangerous.”- D
“What if we get caught? We will be put in a detention camp and chances are we will be sent back here. ”- L
“We have to risk it; we’ll die here brother.”- D
“But Iraq has been our home for the whole 18 years of our lives.”- L
“There will be work opportunities, safety, no war, good hospitals, and a government that isn’t corrupt!”- D
“I guess you’re right brother.”- L
“I will organise to leave tomorrow, get your few belongings packed.”- D
“Are we definitely sure about this brother?”- L
“For sure.”- D
D *Rings a boat person to transport them to Australia by boat.
“It will cost $200”- F
“We only have $40”- D
“I will take 40 then if that’s all you’ve got, meet me at the docks no later than dawn.”- F
“Alright then, thanks a lot, Allah bless this man.”- D
“Oh we’ve been walking for hours.”- L
“Almost there, brother.”- D
*Both brothers see the dock and look awfully excited and exhausted. So they pick up the pace to the boat.
“Here is as agreed.”- D
*D hands F the money. F hands D and L their fake visas.
“In the hatch you go, life jackets are on the left.” – F
*Both brothers get into the boat and put their life jackets on. They exaggerate how smelly and cramped the boat is.
“Ohhhh this smells worse than cow pats!”- L
“And it’s cramped too, I can’t even sit down with rubbing with other people.”- D
“Tell me about it,”- F as another illegal immigrant on the boat.
“I’ve tried to get to Australia 4 times already.”- F
“You mean you didn’t make it the first time?”- L
“Hahahha. There is no easy way for us Iraqis to get into a safe place like Australia.”- F
“So we might get our boat turned around when we get there?”- D
“There is a high chance of that, and a low chance we will be let in.”- F
*Both brothers look at each other in shock at this new information.
“Well, let’s pray to Allah that he will get us there safely and that Australia will welcome us with open arms.”- D
*All three pretend to pray
*Both brothers look eagerly out of the boat at the nearing shore.
“Almost there!” yells F as the skipper.
*Both brothers silently pray to Allah. They grab their bags and get ready to jump of the boat.
“Everyone has to stay on the boat until I say we can get off.”- F
*The boat stutters to a halt.
*F gets off ...

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