The Facts About Human Trafficking Twu/English Research Paper

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Makenzy Hannick
Dr. Griswold
ENGL. 1023.12
1, April 2018
The reality of Human Trafficking
Human trafficking has been a major issue in America and other countries for many years and still is today. Many females, mostly young, are kidnapped and taken away from their families and into this world of drug and violence. This paper will be a good source to inform those in the community of how serious sex trafficking is and give the reader a better understanding of how the process is followed through. After looking into the facts of human trafficking, things such as laws, government involvement, and overall funding to prevent this crime from occurring.
What is Trafficking?:
It is said that human trafficking is another form of slavery in another century. According to an article from Anti-Slavery International, “Trafficking involves recruitment, harboring or transporting people into a situation of exploitation through the use of violence, deception or coercion and forced to work against their will.” However, a person doesn't necessarily have to be transported in order for it to be considered trafficking. The article states, “Simply bringing them into exploitative conditions constitutes trafficking” (Anti-Slavery International).
Most trafficking victims are forced into the business. However, there is still that small part of these victims that were willing to go into the business because they are struggling and are trying to avoid falling into poverty. However, when they join, they realize the job isn’t what it was said to be. The Anti-Slavery International wrote in the article that, “Often they get an offer of a well-paid job abroad or in another region. Often they borrow money from their traffickers in advance to pay for arranging the job, travel, and accommodations.” The traffickers are okay with lending them money because when they get them to the location of the job, the worker can not leave because now they are in debt to the trafficker. Because of this, they now have to stay and work off their debt. (Anti-Slavery International)
Trafficking Laws:
In the United States, there are many laws and prohibitions on trafficking. according to an article on the, “Congress also established the first-ever comprehensive legislation relating to trafficking victims and their protection in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000” (FindLaw). It is this act and others that work towards preventing trafficking in adults and sex trafficking among the youth. Congress has also gone further by having services available to those who were victims of trafficking.
While there are many laws and restrictions against human trafficking, they have also outlawed many things that could possibly relate to trafficking. These include things such as luring someone, kidnapping, transport of someone to be sold as a slave, etc. The article states, “The details of the offense determine the punishment those convicted of these offenses may face.” However, the penalties for...

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