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Imperialism was one of the main reason that caused WWI.
Militarism and alliances really kicked off the start of WWI.
1S:​ With Germany being a new empire, it tried to be the best it can be.
Germany wanted new resources so they looked into the middle east and the Berlin-Baghdad
1E: ​Britain and other european super powers such as France and Russia was scared that
soon, Germany would have total European Control and Russia may lose its access to the
Mediterranean Sea, and Britain would have a smaller army. This caused France, Russia and
Britain to alliance with each other.
1EX: ​When the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated, Austria-Hungary declared war
on Serbia causing a whole domino effect. Germany sided with Austria-Hungary and Russia
sided with Serbia and France also sided with Russia starting WWI.
2S:​ With Britain and Germany fighting for the largest armies, it caused tensions between them
2E: ​Each European superpower wanted to have the largest army because of the “survival of the
fittest” mind set that they had back then. With Germany having the largest land army and Britain
having the biggest Navy, Rivalry had just begun.
2EX: ​With these tensions rising higher by the minute, war would have broken out at any giving
opportunity, it was until on one fateful day, the war will explode....

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