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Cyber security induction assignment
According to Goutam (2015), Cyber security is defined as processes and technologies manufactured to safeguard computers, networks, data and software from unlawful access. Experts predict that there will be approximately 200 billion connected things by the year 2020; These include cities; cars; planes; and homes (Cerrudo, 2018). Overall, I have a positive view on technology, however I also feel that it is crucial to be educated on the associated risks. The aim of this assignment is to highlight these risks, and to offer advice on how to minimise them when using connectable devices.
Internet related cyber-attacks are on the increase and it is the most common connection type to be targeted (Landi, 2018). This is most likely due to the numerous ways to connect with someone else’s Computer, Smartphone, Tablet etc. Security expert Mathy Vanhoef discovered during research that a number of devices capable of Wi-Fi connection were vulnerable to an attack. These included popular operating platforms such as; Apple; Windows; Android; Linux and others (Hern, 2017). Upon further investigation I have identified businesses as the most frequent victims of cyber-crime. An article published online stated that almost half of UK businesses were targeted in the year before the piece was published. Fraudulent emails were revealed as the most common attack source and were used to steal passwords, personal data, financial information and release malicious viruses. Home computers were also subject to these attacks, although the number of cases was much lower than that of businesses. As an attempt to prevent this in the future, the Government promised to invest £1.9 billion in the defence against cyber-attacks. They also created a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation which all companies who store personal data would have to comply with from May 2018 (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and National Cyber Security Centre, 2017). Some more internet locations at risk of cyber-attack include; websites; social media; gaming forums, video streaming sites and media downloading software.
Although many people think of the internet as being the only place to worry about being hacked, there are many other devices and technologies that we use and depend on in everyday life that can also suffer from cyber-crime. These include; Home Telephones; Mobile Phones; Bluetooth devices such as Cameras, MP3 Players and Hands-free kits; Security Systems and even some modern Cars which have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi built in.
After reading this assignment, it may make the cyber world seem like a bit of a daunting place. There are however, several precauti...


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