The Fights Of War From Writing JBBJ Speeches - Snyder/la Lit 2 - Essay

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JAKE’s Grads- Writing->JBBJ->Speech prompts: 400-500
Absolutely for Grads (sharing with any other will be a legal offence- Ref JAKE’s Rules)
1. List your top reasons for reinventing yourself.
2. Name three things you absolutely hate doing.  What would make you enjoy them more?
3. When you think of California, what comes to mind?
4. What do you crave?  How often do you crave it?
5. What part of your daily routine do you most wish you could skip?
6. Do you care what people think about your?  How do others’ opinions affect you?
7. Explain Google in five sentences or less.
8. Have you ever been fired or fired someone?  How did you feel?  What did you do?
9. What is something you consider unforgivable?  Or can you forgive any offense?
10. Do you believe in luck?  Do you have a “lucky charm”?
11. Have you ever fallen in a public place?  What did you do right after you fell?
12. Have you ever made a bad first impression?  Who was it with?  Do you still talk with that person?
13. Have you ever carved a pumpkin?  What did you design?  Describe the experience.
14. If Charlie Chaplin could speak, what would he say?
15. Describe a former teacher you have had, or your current teacher.  Did you learn anything from them for your life?  What type of teaching style did they have?
16. Name your favorite childhood cartoon.  Do you have any special memories associated with it?  What did you love more about it?
17. Are you a cat person?  A dog person? An animal person in general?  Do you believe pets add joy to their owners’ lives?
18. Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever been or lived somewhere you thought was haunted?
19. Have you ever paid it forward?  Do you think that is important?
20. How do you feel about texting, rather than calling, a person?
21. What is more pleasing to you:  moonlight or sunset?  Why?
22. Have you ever refused to help someone when they needed it?  Why?
23. List several things you like about the sun.
24. Name a popular product with a major design flaw.  How would you correct or improve this item?
25. What profession do you feel is too greedy, and why?
26. Name a daily source of inspiration.  What about it inspires you?
27. Define what bravery means to you.  Who do you know that is brave, and why?
28. Talk about a video game (past or present) that best describes your life.
29. Do you criticize people too much or not enough?
30. How does your intuition serve you? Do you put merit on “gut feelings”?
31. What story or tale from your childhood brings you comfort?
32. What are your thoughts on the zombie craze?  Is it hurting society, or is it all in good fun?
33. How do you handle bad influences in your life?
34. What does the term “walk the line” means to you?
35. How will you work well under pressure?
36. Create three new ways to say “green thumb.”
37. What animal pattern for clothing exudes the most confidence?  Why?
38. Speak about the phrase “rose-Colored glassed” means?
39. Do you believe you can teach an old dog some new tric...

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