The First Oyster Essay By Julia Bonilla English Essay

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Julia Bonilla
Eng 9
The First Oyster
In Fishers story “The First Oyster” the character Mrs.Cheever in the eyes of Fisher
herself was a very lonely and depressed character. Although she was not as highly ranked as all
the other women in the boarding school her actions and expressions showed others. Fisher
describes Mrs.Cheever as whose “loneliness made her own food bitter”(566) as she cooked for
everyone in the boarding school but never made the same amazed reactions to her own food as
the other girls had. At the school Mrs.Cheever had only spoken to two others the school nurse
,who also did not not speak to anyone else, and gym teacher however the gestures and the
conversation between Mrs. Cheever and the new gym instructor had ended once the gym
instructor began to receive initially love letter from other women at the academy. This
interpreted some type of jealousy from Mrs. Cheever that made me believe that she is a lonely
character but it may come from her own jealousy of others and her views towards the women at
the academy. Her attitude to the other characters according to Fisher were able to make one feel
“completely unattractive” (567) she would look at most the women in the academy with disgust
which could also show that she looked at those in higher status as less than her even though to


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