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        The Football Tournment Was Just Around The Corner And Dawton

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The football tournment was just around the corner and Dawton Pasey Wallace always wanted to be a champion. Dawton has played football for a few years, and never completed his life long dream. The Thundering Herd of Burbank, Texas played in the 12 to 15 year old championship against the Sarasoda Blackcats. The Herd was defeated last year when Dawton dropped a 6-yard pass by quaterback Daniel Henes with only 32 seconds left in the game. Dawton's team blamed the loss on him. His teammates criticized him for the outcome of the game. Dawton knew that it was up to him to bring home the trophy, and show the team that he is truly a champion. Dawton had worked especially hard this ...view middle of the document...

Before he drifted off to sleep he said a little prayer, "Dear God, please help our team to have confidence and faith in You. Please never let our faith fail us, for You will pull us through." The following morning when Dawton awoke from a good night's rest, he knew it was Friday, the day before the game. He could already feel the butterflies in his stomach. As he rode the bus to school, he remembered last year when he dropped the 6-yard pass and how he couldn't let it happen again this year. After school the Herd had their final practice before the game.Dawton worked to the best of his ability and the Herd was ready to win.After practice, quarterback Daniel Henes came up to Dawton and said, "Don't let last years loss bring you down. I know you can do it, just keep your head high." When Dawton went home he thought about what Daniel said to him. Dawton knew he had to put last years loss in the past and focus on the game tomorrow night. The next morning Dawton woke feeling confident that the Herd was going to defeat the Blackcats. Time passed and Dawton felt nervous waiting the final minutes until the game. Dawton gathered his things, and headed out the door. Arriving at the game, chill bumps rose upon his skin. When he put his uniform on he felt the Herd pride shoot through him. Determined and willing, the Herd said their final words and ran out onto the field. The team was overwhelmed with excitement when the whistle was blown for the kick-off. Things weren't looking so good for the Herd with 1:36 left in the first quarter when Michael Westbrook fumbled to give the Blackcats the ball on their own 22-yard line. The Herd fought hard on defense, but was unable to hold them when a Blackcats ball carrier tumbled into the end zone to put them up 7-0. Before the end of the half, Dawton shot through defenders with a 51-yard run down deep into the Blackcat territory.However, quarterback Daniel Henes got smashed by a Sarasoda line backer and out came the ball to ruin the Herds hopes of scoring before the half. At halftime, Coach Phillip Lyrick told the...

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