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The Forbidden City Essay

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The Forbidden City was the imperial residence and center of the kingdom during the reign of 24 emperors of the Ming and the Qing Dynasty. It is also now the largest and the best preserved ancient architecture in China. The Forbidden City is located in the center of Beijing, and it is a rectangular architectural shape. It can be describe from outside to inside and from south to north.The south of the Forbidden City is the Zhongshan Park which was built in the Liao Dynasty. For in memory of Dr. Yatsen Sun, it assumed the present name. ...view middle of the document...

The east of the Forbidden City borders on Beichizi Street. The Forbidden City is an architectural surrounded by the high walls, and there are four gates at each corner of the walls. They are the Meridian Gate to the south, the West Flowery Gate to the west, the Gate of Divine Military Genius to the north and the East Flowery Gate to the east. Although the four gates are opened in the daytime, people usually enter the Forbidden City from the Meridian Gate.The Forbidden City is divided into two parts: the Front Palace and the Inner Palace. The Gate of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Medium Harmony and the Hall of Protective Harmony from south to north in the center of the Front Palace. The Inner Palace includes the Palace of Heavenly Purity which is called the Hall of Heavenly peace in English, the Hall of Union and Peace, the Hall of Earthly peace and the Imperial Gardens from south to north. And that all these buildings within the Forbidden City are located in the same straight line that is called the Meridian Line. It also connects with the Meridian Gate and the Gate of Divine Military Genius.According to the description, the Forbidden City is not only a Chinese ancient architecture but also shows Chinese ancient architectural style.

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