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The Funeral Essay

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Today is June 16, 2002, Father's Day; I am eleven years old. Today is supposed tobe a day of happiness, a day to celebrate fatherhood; instead, it is a day filled with sadness and tears. My grandmother died today.It is a warm, summer day, and I am outside helping my mom tend to the garden.Through an open window, I hear the telephone ringing. I run inside to answer it, but theanswering machine beats me to it. As I stand in the living room and listen to the message play, my eyes slowly begin to fill with tears. Just then mom walks in, seeing the state I am in she asks what is ...view middle of the document...

We stand around the kitchen for awhile, consoling each other and talking about our favorite memories of her. It hurts too much for me to listen to them talking, so I head upstairs to lie down. I am not looking forward to the next few days.It is the morning of the Wake, and we just arrived at the funeral home. Everyone walks into the viewing room, but I choose to wait in the hallway for awhile. After two hours of sitting here, I finally have enough courage to go in. When I enter the room, I see her and my heart stops. I walk up to her and touch her; she is as cold as ice. I pull my hand away and run out of the room. I can not go back in there. I find my uncle and tell him to take mehome.Today is the day of the funeral. I am sitting in the church and listening to the memorial service. As I am listening to the people on stage talk, I realize just how wonderful a person my grandma really was. Knowing this reassures me that my grandma is in a far better place, and that she is happy.Since Grandma Annie's death, our entire family has fallen apart. She was the onewho held this family together, but now that she is gone we hardly ever speak to each other. I feel like since she died I lost the one person who truly cared about me. But I know she is in Heaven watching over me, and her love for me will never die.

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