The Future Of Human Enhancement - English 122 - Annotated Billbliogrpahy

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Rodriguez 1
David Rodriguez
Dr. Chase
Eng. 122 p. 5
February 28, 2018
Annotated Bibliography
Savulescu, Julian. “Doping Scandals, Rio and the Future of Human Enhancement.” ​Bioethics.
vol. 30, no. 5, Jun. 2016, pp. 300-305, ​Academic Search Premier, ​doi:
10.1111/bioe.12268. Accessed on 23 Feb. 2018.
Summary:​ In the article, “Doping scandals, Rio and the future of Human Enhancement”, by
Julian Savulescu, he explains how over history and even more recently the doping in sports has
spiked. He also discusses how athletes being caught using brings a lot of new drugs to public
attention. His final point is on how we can learn to better regulate drug use.
Analysis of Rhetoric:​ Savulescu uses strong anecdotes about the deaths of sports players. He
uses strong academic language when he mentions medical terms, and gives many facts to back
up his thinking. Savulescu uses a comparison technique to strengthen his overall argument. He
finishes his writing with a strong solution paragraph where his gives specific details for his plan
to regulate substance use in sports.
Evaluation:​ Julian Savulescu is a philosopher and bioethicist. He is also a professor of practical
ethics at the University of Oxford. In addition to his ethics background, he also has an Bachelor
of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University. Because of his background in ethics,
he has knowledge and is credible in the ethics controversy of human enhancements in sports.
Rodriguez 2
Synthesis:​ Savulescu’s and Mehlman’s articles are alike in the sense that they both discuss the
regulation of enhancements in their respected use. The difference between the two is that
Savulescu is against the use of enhancements. On the contrary, Mehlman is for the use of
enhancements and them [enhancements] allowing humans to advance immensely. The articles,
when compared, show two different sides to the same idea of the argument on enhancements.
Reflection:​ From this article I learned that there is an international ban list for drugs that athletes
use. I will use this source in one of my sections about regulation for enhancement being unfair
and sometimes not always being an athlete’s fault. The article will strengthen my argument and I
can also use it in my counterclaim argument to talk about how it is the athlete’s responsibility for
what they put in their bodies.
Allenby, Brad. “Is Human Enhancement Cheating?” ​Slate​, 9 May 2013, The Slate Group, 2018.
_cheating.html. Accessed on 17 Jan. 2018.
Summary:​ In the article by Brad Allenby, “Is Human enhancement really cheating?”, he
discusses whether or not humans using enhancements is ethical or not in the social construct we
seem to live in now. By using references to past issues of people, such as athletes, using
enhancements, he is able to come to the solution that enhancements is cheating. However, he
also states that if it is cheating then, why is it okay...

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