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The Future Of Space And Humanity Sci Fi Essay

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The Future of Space and Humanity
What will our future look like, specifically within a decade? The scientists are already talking about sending people to Mars, colonize, and grow population. Let me rephrase that, they’re not only talking, they’re already doing things about it such as researching and developing things that will help us, humans, survive on Mars like having food to eat, gardening on Mars, receiving air continuously, and using and recycling water without Earth’s help so we will be a new civilization on new planet.
We are already so advanced that we could just colonize and start new life on Mars within a decade, we don’t need to wait on technology anymore, and we already have many big ideas for humans to live on Mars. Scientists already have developed a plan, they founded an program, Mars One in 2011, Mars One is an organization that has proposed to land first humans on Mars and establish a permanent human colony there by 2032. Mars One program has selected 100 passengers, 50 men and 50 women who successfully passed the second round to have a one-way ticket to Mars, and the 100 astronauts come from all over the world, namely 39 from America, 31 from Europe, 16 from Asia, 7 from Africa, and 7 from Oceania. The astronauts are high educated, some of them are professors, scientists, researchers, engineers, and doctors. The further challenges 100 astronaut will need to face is the trainings that proves if they can endure all the hardship of a permanent settlement on Mars.
Scientists are developing things to ensure that we, humans, are able to survive on Mars for the rest of our lives. “Mars has no global magnetic field to deflect energetic particles, and its atmosphere is much thinner than Earth’s, so they'll get only minimal protection even on the surface of Mars. (NASA, 2015)”. Fortunately, scientists have already figured out how to make astronauts’ suits lighter and radiation protected, as NASA quoted, “Remarkably, researchers have successfully made yarn out of BNNTs, so it’s flexible enough to be woven into the fabric of space suits, proving astronauts with significant radiation protection even while they’re performing spacewalks in transit or out on the harsh Martian surface.” (NASA, 2015).
BNNTs, Hydrogenated boron nitride nanotubes described from BNNT’s website under NASA, “BNNT, LLC tubes are synthesized using the high temperature/high pressure (HTP) method, also called the pressurized vapor/condenser (PVC) method. This method produces highly flexible, high aspect ratio BNNTs with high crystallinity. They are few to single walled tubes with 2 and 3 walls being the most common morphology. The as-grown material has a cotton-like appearance with an unusually low tap density.” (Tiano, 2006).
Our researchers are not alone, NASA mentioned that they are also collaborating with other countries such as Russian to study, research, and develop resources we will need to live on Mars, “However, both the Russian and US space programs have...

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