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Diploma in Architecture (Technology)  
Course: DAR180 Green Building & Universal Design  
Reporting on the documentary film "Before the Flood” 
April 30, 2018(Monday) 
Assignment 1: "Reflections"  
Name: Khine Hay Thi  
NRIC: S9374108J  
Class: 152ARA1  
What does climate change or global warming to you? 
Our earth’s climate has been stable for a very long time ago. We know it’s out 
there, not in the distant future, not at the end of the century, but now. The striking climate 
change, we all are unusually experiencing days back to the industrial revolution, when oil, 
gas coal replaced wind, water and tree as our main energy sources. Especially, the fossil 
fuels began emitting greenhouse gases that are outrageously warming to our earth.  
Global warming refers to the man-made rise in temperatures caused by excessive 
amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, and the other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 
On the other hand, the climate change refers to the effects these higher temperatures have 
on our earth’s natural systems and the impacts that can consequence: stronger storms, 
deeper droughts, shifting seasons, sea level rise and much more.  
Our human race conserves energy and quickly replace fossils fuels with 
renewable energy sources. Otherwise, even a timely end to greenhouse gas emissions will 
stop the climate changes that are already happening. Nowadays, the weather is hotter, 
wetter, stormier, more severe summer droughts.That is the most basic climate change 
forecast for the island. 
The history scientific discovery of the climate change began in the early 19th 
century when ice ages and the other natural changes in the palaeoclimatology (Means “is 
the study of changes in climate taken on the scale of the entire history of the Earth.) were 
first suspected and the natural greenhouse effect first identified. The scientists first argued 
that human emission of greenhouse gases could change the climate, in the late 19th 
century. Many other theories of climate change were advanced that involving forces from 
volcanism to solar variation. In the 1960s, the warming effect of carbon dioxide gas became 
increasingly convincing.The extra carbon dioxide increases the green effect.  
Nowadays, more heat is trapped by the atmosphere, causing our planet to 
become warmer than it would be naturally. The increase in global temperature this causes. It 
is significant that so much carbon dioxide (CO2) stays in the atmosphere because is the 
most important gas for controlling Earth’s temperature. Greenhouse gases such as Carbon 
dioxide(co2), methane and halocarbons that are absorbing a wide range of energy including 
infrared energy (heat) emitted by the Earth and then re-emit it. Worldwide, the net emission 
of greenhouse gases from human activities increased by 35 percent from 1990 to 2010. 
Emissions of carbon dioxide which account for about three-fourths of total emissions, 
increased by 42 percent over this period. The concentration...

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