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The Government’s Social Order Campaign Essay

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Although the government's Social Order Campaign seems to be a good law for protecting the young from vices, it has much bad effect in our society. First, this law causes problems to Thailand's economy. When the owners of night-time entertainment places have to close them earlier, they will lose a lot of incomes. They , therefore, have to reduce the numbers of staff. This ...view middle of the document...

Next, dishonest policemen have more chance to collect money from the owners of night-time entertainment places. They will ask them to pay some money if the owners want to open their places overtime. Besides, some bad policemen threaten the owners that they will close their night businesses if they refuse to play the money for protection. Finally, children feel that they have no freedom, so they will try to find some secret entertainment places. They may do something bad such as taking drugs or drinking alcohol. The government should understand the nature of young people, who are curious about things around them. Instead of using iron rules, the government should motivate them to do good things. For example, the government should support teenagers to spend their free time doing their favorite activities, sports or arts. Thus, if the government wants to issue a new law, which involves everyone in the society, they should consider it more.

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