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​The Great Gatsby​ Valley Of Ashes
The Valley Of Ashes represents the ethical decay of gilded america. It's a symbol of
the way of america scapegoats the negative and disadvantaged dumping ashes of
their destruction of them. Ashes implies desolation, as the ashes is nothing but burnt
items. The ash paints a picture of desolation that is required for industrialization that
made sure men despicable men rich . Gatsby , Tom and upper society of
merchandise of industrialization similar to the ash is .The ahs represents the
metaphorical burning and destruction of morals even as physically being resultant
from the magnificence they come from . The Valley of Ashes additionally represents
dying, melancholy, the failure of american dreams, everybody who comes to obtain
the american dream finally ends up inside the Valley Of Ashes for example TJ
eckleburg he went to The Valley Of Ashes to attain the american dream, he created
an advertisement for eye correction , it rotted away , looking over the valley of Ashes
like God looks over derogatory.
In the valley of ashes ​Tj. Eckleburg symbolizes God ​keeping​ watch over ​everything
occurring​. His eyes ​keep​ a ​steady​ vigil , and ​everybody​ passing ​thru​ ​immediately
notices the ​sign​. ​He's​ a sobering ​image​ , as he reminds ​that everyone​ ​will pay​ for
degeneracy that has taken ​watch ​of society. Society is ​like the​ ashes ​heaps​,
desolate and hopeless, and god ​continues​ watch like Tj .Eckleburg. ​at some stage in
the novel ​, the eyes of Tj. Eckleburg show the ​characteristic ​ of a god. From ​the start
the eyes watch over the valley of Ashes ​and notice​ ​things​ as they ​take place​. There
stare follows ​people​ as they ​move​ ​approximately​ their ​business​. It ​is not​ ​tell ​ Wilson
confronts Myrtle ​about ​ her affair with Tom that the direct comparisons of the eyes to
God is made.
In valley of ashes Wilson garage symbolizes Wilson's way of life and connections,
which are regularly negligible and hold no value.The garage is in such poor condition
that it is naturally assumed as a front for different kinds of business. This depicts how
the basic man battles to get by in the seniority and how any area of respect is
promptly thought to be occupied with wicked acts because of a general absence of
ethical quality. This likewise depicts Wilson, a well meaning man who is later
depicted as crazy through societal understanding. It additionally portrays Wilson's
visually blind nature as he can't comprehend Myrtle's conduct for most of the novel. It
also symbolizes emptiness and that he is poor and rarely gets business.
The railroad tracks and dirt road symbolize the means of transportation for the
wealthy residents of the eggs, as if they felt above the people in the valley and in a
way contaminate them. These means of transportation stand for the wealthy
residents of the eggs.

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