"The Guilty" This Is About A Lawer Trying To Save An Innocent Boy At Any Cost. The Question Is, Is He Really Innocent?

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The Guilty"Do you understand why we are going to court?" Amy looked at her young client wondering if he even heard her. They had been talking for over an hour and it was going nowhere, "I need to know what you want to plead," he looked at her with blank eyes, looking not at her but right through her. They sat there in silence as Amy waited for an answer. She decided to take a different approach, "Did you do it?" he tilted his head and smiled with innocence."John, try to focus, do you understand what they think you did?" Amy pushed her hair back and looked in his eyes willing him to understand"The police think I killed that boy," John's eyes were filling with tears. Amy looked away so not ...view middle of the document...

Copper, I am so glad to finally meet you," she motioned to the seat across from her desk."Listen Ms. Trotter I'm not here to chat. I just want you to know my boy's guilty he told me last night, so you'd better figure out a deal," Amy was surprised, usually parents claimed their children were innocent for as long as possible."Well, this is very good that you told me. I talked to the prosecutor today and with a boy as young as John they are willing to be very lenient. I think a couple years at a correctional institution was offered," John's dad clenched his fists at his side."A coupla years? He was only defending himself! That black shit had been talking about this group I'm in, it's just a men's club, we just talk, I mean sure sometimes we get crazy but it's mostly talk, those people can just make me so mad. Anyways I told John just to scare him, to shut him up, ya know, I didn't want the teacher hearing anything. She's one of those crazy liberals, trying to teach equal rights, ya know its all bull shit. Anyway John was just being a good kid, doin' as he told, he got carried away, but man, a dad's gotta be proud that ten year old is that tough, that can work a gun like that. Now don't ya go telling me he's gonna spend years with bad ass kids because he got carried away!" he snarled at Amy."Get out! I won't have any of that crap in my office, now leave," shaking with anger Amy lifted her finger and pointed to the door."Don't tell me I've hired a crazy liberal bitch. You're fired! I need a competent lawyer, a man, not some woman," he spat the word "woman" as if tasted foul in his mouth.Amy sat at her desk with her head held in her hands. The overwhelming hatred John's dad had shown hung in the room and was suffocating her. She needed to escape. Gathering her coat she headed toward the door. She didn't make it far; though, as she found herself face to face with a Judge."Hello Ms. Trotter, if you don't mind I would like to have a chat," Judge Carter gave Amy a stern look and frowned at her coat, "Unless you are taking a ten O'clock lunch today?""No Judge Carter I was just going for a breath of fresh air, of course I have time. There is something a I need to ask you about as well," Amy realised this was her chance to talk to someone about John's father, "What's on your mind?""You know the John Copper case?" Amy raised an eyebrow."Yes, I was fired off it this morning.""That's the thing, you're still on it. That Mr. Copper has fired the last five attorneys the court has assigned his son. I am sure that he's determined to continue this case forever; I will not allow it. I am sorry Ms.Trotter, because you've met him and know he's, well, hard to work with to say the least. Since there have been so many continuances you only have two weeks to prepare. Good luck," and w...


What I Really Like About This Book Is The Extraordinary Relationship Between Man And Boy. The Lengths That The Man Will Go To Protect His Son And See Him Through The

916 words - 4 pages vacaciones con mis amigos porque es más divertido. Si me fui con mi familia, mis padres estarían estricto y no me deja hacer nada. Sin embargo, cuando estoy con mis amigos, podemos ir a cualquier parte. por ejemplo, ir a discotecas, jugando en la playa y dormir a las 2 de la mañana.6: ¿Has ido de viaje con el colegio alguna vez?Sí que he ido en viajes con mi escuela. sin embargo, nunca hemos estado en el extranjero

This is an Essay on the play Boy Overboard that takes about different aspects for refugees - Rose Bay/10 - Essay

1544 words - 7 pages by looking at the view of the topic from different  aged women and girls and their beliefs and we have seen the different views on hope and  positivity through each person mentioned in this essay. I have learnt a lot not only from  reading the play but writing this essay. Now, when I think something is challenging I can just  think of Jamal, a normal boy just born into an unlucky situation. In the end of the play he  states, ‘The secret to soccer is to never give up, even when things are looking hopeless.’

Explain Putnam's Objection To The Identity Theory. Why Does He Think That Functionalism Improves On The Identity Theory? Is He Right About This?

1116 words - 5 pages In Hilary Putnam's, "The Nature of Mental States", he deals with the question of whether or not pain is a brain state or "Is the property of having a pain at time t a brain state?" (Putnam). Throughout the article, Putnam goes on to argue that to claim pain as a brain state is not an identity claim. This can only be accurate if the specific pain is a specific brain state, or "being A is being B" (Putnam). He suggests that this is not an

This Is An Essay About The Tragedies Of Space Travel

1121 words - 5 pages All the advancements in technology that were being made were not perfect and still are immune to making mistakes. On January 28, 1986 America was shocked by the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, and the death of its seven crew members. As is expected in a field of work that's exploratory and uncertain such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space program, any tragedy that occurs often makes

This Paper Is About Racism And How It Is Portrayed In The Following Poems: "Jasper Texas 1998," "A Party Down At The Square," And "Night, Death, Mississippi."

1112 words - 5 pages Free implies a belief in the superiority of one's own race" (Internet). While reading Ellison's "A Party Down at the Square", Hayden's "Night, Death, Mississippi" and Clifton's "Jasper Texas 1998", I noticed that this disease is the theme of all three.A white boy who witnesses his uncle's friends set fire to a black man narrates Ralph Ellison's "A Party Down at the Square". This is a horrible short story of how a community gets together to have a "party

nothing major important to read or look at because yeah who really cwres about it - there is no name or class for this non paper - assignment

475 words - 2 pages cycle of using negative distortions. We came up with a couple positive sentences about her and I told her to rehearse them while staring in the mirror. Show pride on the inside- In doing so with the positive self-talk, this would be boosting her internal image of herself and hopefully begin to transpire into how she begins to carry herself and compete. I gave Brittany a homework assignment to practice those three things daily or at least before

This essay is bassicaly about how the supreme courts rules in some cases. this is an honors essay

522 words - 3 pages Free . He distributed antiwar pamphlets to people that were drafted andabout to go to war. This was an antiwar person, though this was still seditious actions. That isillegal. He was threatening the well-being of the country, by trying to lower their guard down.So the Supreme Court had declared the handout of the pamphlets unconstitutional.So, as you can see, these can be used and abused. Still today, people are still arguingabout the "fairness" of the Bill of Rights. Some people agree with the decisions of the SupremeCourt, and some people don't. This is why some court cases take really long to conclude andreach a fair verdict.

Oskar Schindler, In The Eyes Of Many, Is A True Hero. This Is A Man Who Wanted To Make A Difference And Do Things That He Thought Was Humane And Rightful

875 words - 4 pages Activity 6: Courage in the Face of InjusticeOskar Schindler, in the eyes of many, is a true hero. This is a man who wanted to make a difference and do things that he thought was humane and rightful. Although Schindler was part of the Nazi Party during the tragic time of World War Two, Schindler saved approximately 1,200 Jewish lives. Oskar Schindler, a single man, saved the most Jews during World War Two and is a hero to the Jewish community. He

This is a looking closely at the 5 characteristics of family - Southeastern University Family Ministry - Essay

673 words - 3 pages how long they have been gone, when they come back to their “home” they feel as if they belong. Everything melts away and a person feels like they never left the place or the people that they care so deeply about. Garland states that family should have the feeling of belonging and security. This characteristic of wanting to be with family is applied in many ways by different family categories across the world. Caring for each other is a theme that

An exploration of the path to salvation in Primo Levi's if this is a man - St Edwards - essay

1942 words - 8 pages a thief”[footnoteRef:5], and this creates an oxymoron as the noun “thief” connotes a conscious decision, whereas the adjective “innocent” contrasts against this by conveying that he is instinctive in his decision making. Levi’s choice of diction here could perhaps liken Elias to an animal. At the end of telling Elias’ story, Levi’s choice of the emotive phrase “Elias…was a happy person”[footnoteRef:6] is unusual; the adjective “happy” is a

This Essay is an essay for history 101 that is about the colonial settlements - History 101 - History essay

1162 words - 5 pages freedom. Many puritans were experiencing prosecution in England and they wanted to escape from it. The puritans were trying to make an attempt to create a religious utopia where everyone could live out there lives as puritans without the constant fear of being prosecuted for their beliefs. These are a few of the many reasons as to why England decided to venture into the New World in an attempt to colonize it. France colonized the New World to try and

This is an assignment about the vocabulary terms in economics chapter 11 - Economy 101 - assignment

1147 words - 5 pages markets. Bull Market: A “strong market” with stock prices moving up for several months or even years in a row. Bear Market: A “mean market” with the prices moving down for several years in a row. Spot Market: A market in which a transaction is made immediately at the prevailing price. Futures contract: An agreement to buy or sell at a specific date in the future at a predetermined price Option: Contracts that provide the right to purchase or sell

An Examination Of How Naivety Is Created To Convey Innocence And Explore Complex Issues In The Boy And In Striped Pyjamas

1028 words - 5 pages Free understand what the commotion is about. And when the threat appeared of the reality of the situation hitting home, Bruno and Gretel were quickly sent up to their rooms, as it was getting to close to the bone.Bruno’s journey really begins when meets Shmuel, a Jewish boy on the other side of the fence. As their friendship blooms and they start talking, he eventually starts to gain more of an insight into the horrors that go on there. Perhaps this

this is a story about betrayal and how it was overcome - english paper at wcjc - essay

607 words - 3 pages warthog respectively they teach him how to forget about his past and move on to what his future can become. The years go by, Simba grows to be a majestic lion. After Pumba has an encounter with Nala, Simba's best friend she convinces him to go back to pride rock to challenge his uncle Scar for the throne. Simba succeeds in defeating Scar and becomes the new king after this happens Simba and Nala give birth to a daughter Kiara who is destined to become

This Is An Essay Analyzing The Articles Of Confederation As A First Draft For The Constitution

526 words - 3 pages have a rough draft and establishing a nation is no different. Without the experiences of inter state rivalries, lack of funding, and problems with foreign policy, they would not have been fixed or provided for in the constitution. The Articles proved to Americans the necessity of a strong federal government that still delegates some power to the states. With all its shortcomings, it did govern the U.S. for a short time without any huge disasters befalling the country. While not a good document in the long run, it was an excellent learning experience and a great short-term plan.