The Heart Is One Of The Most Import Thing In Your Body. Health Essay

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Heart Essay (Oxygenation)
The heart is your most vital organ and its main job is to pump blood throughout your body. The heart’s job is to replace deoxygenated blood for oxygenated blood. This is a very complicated process that has many pieces working together simultaneously. Starting with deoxygenated blood in the superior vena cava going all the way to the aorta I will begin to illustrate how the oxygenation process occurs.
The start of the process begins with the Pulmonary Circuit which begins with deoxygenated blood flowing back to the heart through the superior and inferior vena cava. This blood then empties into the right atrium of the heart. Once the right atrium of the heart fills up with deoxygenated blood the right atrium contracts while the chordae tendineae pull on the tricuspid valve, opening it for blood to flow down into the left ventricle. Once the left ventricle fills up with blood the chordae tendineae pull the tricuspid valve shut and the left ventricle contracts pushing the blood through the pulmonary artery. Once the blood pushes through the pulmonary artery the pulmonary semilunar valve shuts so that no blood falls backwards into the heart. The blood then flows into the pulmonary trunk and into the lungs. Finally, the lungs supply the blood with the oxygen that it needs and the blood is then on its way back...


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1060 words - 5 pages , Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, it had been all over the US, we spilt drinks, learned how to wire a subwoofer and amplifier along with replacing new head units, rotating tires, learned how to do alignments, replace head lights and tail lights, put on new after market exhaust’s and intakes, learned the basics of mechanics and electronics in that truck. I had some of my very first memories in that truck. One after noon I left a friends house and

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2087 words - 9 pages this portrait is not facing the front, body is slightly turned and this makes the figure more natural. There’s another reason why ​Mona Lisa​ is so famous, it is because a lot of interesting behind story of this painting. The most popular event happened in 1911. For few years,​ Mona Lisa​ was at the storage in the French court and moved to Napoleon’s bedroom and finally widely known at the collection in the Louvre museum. By that time, however, it

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1406 words - 6 pages Free , others, and the community at large. Spirituality provides a sense of purpose and meaning to one's life. It touches that part of you that is not dependent on material things or physical comforts. Although many people may not recognize it, spirituality is whatever makes you feel peaceful, joyful, and content. It motivates you to life your life. Your spiritual health can deeply affect you connection with your significant other. One most first love

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606 words - 3 pages . After that, we decided to go toward to the main entry of golden temple. They told us to put down our cameras because it's disrespectful if we go take photos inside. The most touchable thing was behavior and love inside the temple. I can't explain much about inside because it's just unbelievable and so beautiful. The holy book is covered with gold, and people are just so in love with the Kirtan (music). There are no limitations anybody can enter