The Hippocratc Oath Is About The Hypocratic Oath And Stuff Like That - Saint Aloysius - Essay

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1. What does the oath state about how to treat the one who taught the art of medicine
○ According to the passage, it states to treat the person who taught the art of
medicine to be equal to those of your parents
2. How are the children of the teacher looked upon
○ According to the passage, it states to treat the offspring to be equal the thy own
siblings and offspring
3. What is said about treatment of patients and what does the doctor promise to abstain
○ According to the passage, it states that the doctor will use dietary regimens that
will benefit the patients to the best of their ability. They will also abstain from
using lethal drugs.
4. What does the oath say about delay medicine being given to patients
○ The oath states that the doctor will not give a woman a pessary to cause an
5. What does the document say about abortion
○ The document states that it was necessary to separate the idea of abortion from
the idea of killing
6. What promise is made about someone with a stone
○ That they will not use the knife, even if the person is suffering from stones
7. Who cuts the person with a stone
○ In the passage, it states that the person who is trained in the craft shall do it
8. What statement is made about seducing patients and how the doctor should behave
○ According to the document, it states that ...

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