The History And Origins Of Hinduism - World Religions - Essay

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School of Religion
The History and Origins of Hinduism
World Religions RELT-458A (W)
26 April 2019
I. Introduction –
Hinduism is an assorted collection of religion, logic, and social practice local to and overwhelming in India, portrayed by a confidence in rebirth and an incomparable being of numerous structures and natures, by whether contradicting hypotheses are parts of one endless truth, and by a longing for freedom from natural shades of malice. In this paper, I will also investigate what the Hindu religion is included of. Also, dive into what makes the religion of Hinduism imperative to the district it is begun in.
II. History -
A. Early Stages
1. The origins of the Hindu way of life began around 1500 B.C.
2. Before spreading into the Indus River Valley Civilization and the Aryan tribe, it began in India and gathered thousands of followers.
3. It is currently the third largest religion in the world.
B. Throughout the history of the Hindu religion, there have been several leaders who have developed their own way of life and have gathered followers. Typically, they center around one specific part of Hinduism more than the rest. This highly regarded individual is called Mahariva, who established Jainism around 500 BC. Despite how it is viewed as its very own stand-out particular religion, Jainism is borne from Hinduism, and spotlights on the tranquil reasoning. They in like manner rejected the musings of the Brahmin serves as the fundamental people who could interface with the celestial creatures (like the Protestant Reformation in Christianity.)
III. Beliefs
A. Those who practice Hinduism believe that the soul is always present and will be reborn into a process called reincarnation, which will depend on how a person lived their life. Karma is the activities you make that decide your destiny whenever you resurrect. Will you resurrect to a higher social position? Or then again will you resurrect as a stone? To accomplish moksha you should resurrect to the most noteworthy social standing.
B. They believe in one “god” type force called brahman, but celebrate brahman in the form of many gods, each with a specific function This is because the concept of brahman is too large for mere humans to comprehend, so they put faces on individual aspects (avatars) of brahman.
Examples of gods especially important to Hindus as separate characteristics of brahman are:
- Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The Preserver) and the Shiva (The Destroyer)
IV. Conclusion
The Hinduism religion is largely complex and teaches on a variety of humanly practices. Not only must one follow the prescribed teaching and rituals, but they must also act upon and carry out these beliefs in their day to day life. Although religion is vastly different than ours, the Hindu people are strong believers in Dharma and rebirth as we are in a second coming of Jesus Christ and spending eternity...

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