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I eased behind the huge mass of nesting material and took a firmhold of several strands, I then pulled back, quickly, to pull themfree. The jarring concussion, which followed, took me by suprise.I tried to get my bearings as the ground rushed up to meet me andrecovered about two feet from the ground. After that near miss Iclimbed back to the altitude I had been at and started searchingfor my tormentor. I realized that I had grabbed hold of a human'shair and that he had not been happy about it. He was rubbing hishead and throwing immense volumes of noise at me. Hummingbirds makemistakes just like everyone else and more than most when trying tobuild and protect a nest.I decided that I should look elsewhere and settled on a lovelylittle spider web. I dove toward it, feeling the thrum of my wingsand hearing the whoosh of the wind flowing ...view middle of the document...

The containers come in allshapes and colors but they all have red bases. I headed for one ofthese and saw one of my rival males. He instantly attacked,chirping his anger at my intrusion. I counterattacked and we begana dogfight. Up and down, we came, zooming into space and plummetingto the ground. Although he was a willing and able opponent, Ieventually wore him down, and he then left the scene.I held a precise hover as my tongue formed a tube, then I beganslurping the sweet nectar from the feeder. Although I only weighabout one half of an once, I consume twice that much food everyday. I captured a dozen mosquitoes on my way back to the nest andthen sat on the nest to keep the eggs warm while my mate went insearch of food.Sitting in the nest is a luscious feeling. The eggs are warm andthe inside of the nest is silky and soft. My counterpartconstructed the nest from our downy feathers and spider's silk. Mymate designed and constructed the nest, and the lichens and barkconceal it from predators. The first nest, which we had, was not aswell built and a Blue Jay came and ate the eggs. I arrived just asthe Blue Jay attacked the nest. He rammed it twice and knocked theeggs out. The eggs fell to the ground and the jay went after them.I charged, feeling the intense rush that my fury gave me.I felt nofear as I beheld the onrushing behemoth. Such was my courage thatI hardly noticed the crushing slap of collision as I assaulted himrepeatedly. Finally, I had to accept defeat though and recognizethat my defence was futile.This time all was not to be in vain though, as I felt the slighttap of the chicks trying to free themselves. They escaped after afew minutes and, I witnessed the miracle that we had brought about.Two baby hummingbirds lay there, chirping for food.Each was no larger than a bumblebee, but they were just as loud asI am when defending my life. My mate took over and began feedingthem. Soon, they were asleep, blissfully unaware of the dangers allaround. Life is, truly, a wonder to behold.

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