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The Illegal Economy Essay

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The United States is known for being one of the greatest countries in the world, and is idolized by a plethora of people; many want to move here to improve their lives for themselves and their families. If these people come by breaking the lawn, is that affecting us who are citizens? Is the American economy going down because illegal immigrants are coming to the United States? Yes, so how is the American economy going to bounce back to what it used to be?As the number of illegal immigrants rises to approximately 12 million in the United States, we are obligated to think that to have a job they must pay some taxes to give some earned money back to the economy. A study performed by the Center ...view middle of the document...

6% of the national total. If one would add up all the money paid and given to illegal immigrants, in addition to all other households, one would find that a legal citizen household is, on average, expending the United States one dollar. On the other hand, illegal immigrants profit about $2,736 per household which means that it is expending the federal government that much more per household each year.The costs mentioned above are insignificant to the amount of money spent on prisons and court fees. The cost of an illegal immigrant household for federal prisons and courts and INS is approximately $760 per household. The result is about 20.8% of the national total spent on prisons and courts. These figures exclude the cost of the same fees at the state and local levels, which are guaranteed to add a significant amount to the total spent per household. Of six thousand people arrested in Los Angeles, around two thousand of those were illegal immigrants. The cost to the American government was estimated to be about 75 million dollars for the incarceration of the illegal immigrants. About 25% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal immigrants. That percentage does not include those incarcerated in state and local prisons and institutionsWith states straining under budget shortfalls and public schools facing some major decreases in state funding for education, tax dollars are being moved to cover the costs of educating illegal immigrants. If the state of Georgia were to eliminate the cost for illegal immigrants' education for one year, it could pay for the 1,600 teachers laid off in the state, with enough room for additional wages. What costs $3.1 billion for a nation as a whole? It is the cost of teaching the illegal immigrants' children who do not know the English language. The cost of school is increasing because in some schools they have to provide more room for the students which are being enrolled. Along with these new school rooms, supplies such as books will be needed. In Arizona, schools spend over $800 million to educate illegal immigrant children. That is because teachers have to pay for the extra schooling they are required to take in order to be qualified to teach those children with English as the second language.Another major issue would have to be how the illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from legal citizens. Illegal immigrants make up 24% of the workers in agriculture. Since mega farms have raisen and small family farms have been slowly declining, the owners need to fill those jobs and illegal immigrants are...

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