The Immoral Effects Of Factory Farming In America Cabrillo High School Ap Seminar Research Paper

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The Ethical Effects of Factory Farming In America
An overwhelming number of Americans are oblivious to what factory farming is and the
effect it has on their health and the quality of life on animals. Merrimack-Webster dictionary
defines factory farming as, “A farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in
conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost.” Until the early 1900’s, most farm
animals were kept outside in relatively small numbers; in the 1930’s, the invention of new
incubators produced larger amounts of animals with larger profits. By the 1960’s this use of
factory farming has proven effective. As a result[1] , many animals are crammed together in
huge populations. Factory farming methods are both inhumane and unethical because most
animals endure constant fear and torment; humans who consume these animals are at a greater
risk of miscarriage, swine flu, birth defects, bacterial infections, respiratory problems, and brain
damage. Supporters of these farming methods might argue that factory farming is cost-efficient
and takes up less land which is completely true but on the other hand, the health of humans and
the lives to animals are more important than cheaper meat cost which ultimately benefits meat
corporations in America. This issue is overlooked and affects most Americans, government
agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture have approved these deplorable
farming methods. It's crucial that America changes its current farming methods before it's too
For many animals bad farming conditions they face constant torture in a variety of ways
which include: cutting off body parts without anesthetic, being crowded in compact areas, and
even starving to death[2] . These variations of torture are both inhumane and unthinkable. As a
result of limited farming regulations and corporate greed, most animals live in fear. The Animal
Welfare Institute (AWI) states, "In order to facilitate confinement of these animals in such
stressful, crowded, unsanitary conditions, painful mutilations like cutting off the horns of cattle,
cutting off the beaks off of chickens, and docking the tails of sheep, pigs, and dairy cattle are
routinely performed." Last Chance for Animals (LCA) states, “Like other factory farmed animals
broiler chickens are raised in such overcrowded enclosures that they became aggressive to stop
them from fighting with one another, their beaks and toes are cut without anesthesia. Some
cannot eat after being “debeaked” and starve. They never breathe fresh air but instead inhale
ammonia day after day.” Socially Responsible Agricultural Project states,”The fast processing
lines in industrial slaughterhouses ensure that tragic mistakes regularly happen, including
animals not being rendered unconscious before being killed and animals who are merely stunned
being skinned alive. Meat is also commonly contaminated by feces and other bodily fluids
during the slaughter process, a dangerous...

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