The Impact And Legacy Of Ida B. Wells African American (Afram 31) Reflective Paper Assignment

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Ida B. Wells Reflective Essay
At the end of the civil war in 1865, blacks were finally set free. They were given the
right to marry, raise children, own property, and be protected by law. However, it was clear as
time progressed that the promises given from whites unto blacks in regards to freedom were
constantly being infringed upon. Soon these said freedoms were to be non-existent. That is
where pioneers such as Ida B. Wells, an activist and writer come into play. Ida B. Wells
launched a campaign against oppression that still, till this day is felt.
Wells’ impact upon the nation and upon the black community began very early. At the
age of 22, she filed a suit against a railroad company which had forcibly removed her from a
train she was on; the result was her being impacted both mentally and physically. Surprisingly,
Wells not only won the suit, but, she was also awarded $500 ( which would be $12,149.63
today). The case gained widespread recognition and praise by many blacks. However, the
railroad would later on appeal the ruling, and the state would end up reversing the decision.
The result of this case influenced Wells to begin sharing her experience through various black
news outlets. Soon after, Wells would begin a career as a journalist, in which she would relay
self-help, education, and social reform throughout the masses. More importantly, she began
discussing issues that she had heard and read about as a child, which included subjects such as
racism and power. Willing to fight, and stand up for social and racial justice, Wells bravely
wrote against the injustice that three black men faced at the hands of a white mob. Which then
prompted her to advocate for black migration to the Midwest (Kansas and Oklahoma); many
blacks followed her advice and did just that. Wells garnered vast power structure, because she
understood the political and economic strategy that whites were using to intimate blacks. She
informed blacks that there was no need to occupy a land that was utilizing politics and the
economy to instill fear in them. Rather, she urged blacks to quickly migrate. Six thousand blacks
migrated to the Oklahoma area because of Wells’ journal entry. In addition, Wells would also
use her influence and power to admonish the practice of lynching.
The number of lynching's occurring in the United States during Well’s time were high in
totality. In order to justify the lynching, which even involved children, whites would often allege
that the black community were committing egregious offenses. Such offenses included having
the wrong facial expressions, spewing disrespectful language; but, perhaps the most outrageous
claim used to target blacks was the allegations that black men were raping the white women.
Ida at the risk of her personal safety, investigated practically all the sexual assault claims pinned
against the black population and quickly discovered that virtually all of them were fallacious and
pure lies. Moreover, She also...

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