The Impact Of Social Media On Youth Cpcc Eng 111 Writing And Inquiry Essay

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Samira G. Salad
Dr. DeAngelis
ENG 111-150
August 23, 2018
The Impact of Social Media on Youth
“Oh, great! I just posted my picture and I only ended up getting fifty likes. Where are the rest of my fifty? I will definitely be satisfied once I hit the big hundred! Until then, I’ll be scrolling through pointless memes!” Yes, go on and chuckle. You and I both know it’s true, it sounds a bit like the both of us. Our generation, I mean. I’ll be honest, my last first day of High School was today and I went to bed at exactly 2:30AM, so you can imagine how exhausted I must be. But, what exactly was Samira Salad doing at a time like this? What was so important that I had to be up at 2:30AM on a school night? Social Media. Yes, Indeed. Just like Superman has his kryptonite, our generation suffers from a weakness of its own. What exactly do I mean by that? If you haven't caught onto what I was referring to, I will be telling you about this generation’s greatest weakness. Social media is the weakness of our current generation and is negatively affecting us in many different ways.
Firstly, our young generation spends an extreme amount of time on their phone throughout the day. As an illustration, I refer to this example. Imagine waking up in bed from a good night's sleep and the first thing that you do is pick up your cell phone and begin scrolling through social media. Can you point out the problem here? It is common amongst the current generation. Before doing anything productive, for instance; brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, doing your hair, instead you pick up your device and run through social media. In fact, the very celebrities and Social media Influencers these young adults look up to provide video content of their daily lives displaying this very matter setting a bad example to the young ones. After watching this process, eventually they end up doing the same. This in itself is a destructive habit considering this could lead to procrastination. Not only are young adults spending “phone-time” before starting the day, but even whilst driving or during study time. For example, if you take a look at the educational setting today. Many students own some form of device or social media and cannot seem to put their devices down. Not only students yet children in general lack communication and this brings me to my next point.


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