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The Importance of Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace
By: Antonio Isaacs
Organizational Behaviour - MGMT-1500-0LD
Emily Gaszynski
Due date: Friday, March 2, 2018
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Despite many laws put in place to allow a workers right to gender identity and gender
expression, organizations still lack the right policies to protect its transgender workers.
Companies cater their work environment for cisgender males and females, making
transgender workers fearful of discrimination from deciding to express their identities openly
or not. Organizations must create a gender-inclusive workplace to protect transgender
workers from discrimination. This paper will prove the need for transgender education,
gender-neutral spaces and dress codes to protect transgender workers within the workplace.
Transgender employees, as well as the entire transgender population in society, have faced
stigmatization (Badgett et al. 2007). Therefore having the freedom to practice gender
expression in the workplace is challenging for these individuals given their fear of prejudice
from deciding to express their identities (Button 2004; Clair et al. 2005 ). Transgender
individuals have the right to express themselves openly, however, cannot do so in a non-
inclusive workplace. A Transgender Discrimination Survey found that 90 % of transgender
employees have undergone harassment, abuse or discrimination (Grant et al. 2008 ). This
90% can decrease with the implementation of transgender education (Grant et al. 2008 ).
The lack of transgender education, along with gender education, may help employees to
better understand the importance of transgender inclusivity, as well as the socially
constructed view of gender overall. Organizations need to ensure they are creating a more
gender inclusive environment by making transgender education a part of company policy and
training. This education includes proper pronoun usage, transgender rights, the difference
between sex and gender, anti-harassment policies, etc. Without this education, cisgender
workers may feel superior to transgender individuals leading to discriminatory acts against
them in the workplace.
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Many organizations have designated spaces for cisgender males and females, and consider
it to be suitable. However, without having a gender inclusive workspace, transgender
individuals cannot identify themselves with their cisgender counterparts freely without
fearing their expression will cause discrimination. Organizations need to create a gender-
neutral environment, to promote an inclusive workplace for transgender individuals.
Gender-Neutral restrooms, locker rooms, and other spaces encourage a safe environment for
transgender employees making the workplace more comfortable for them. Deciding which
restroom or locker room to use as a transgender individual can cause a lot of stress (Grant et
al. 2008 ). Providing gender-neutral spaces at work can help relieve some of this stress, and
most likely increase th...

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