The Importance Of Self Expression English 12 Final Essay

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Thesis statement:
Self-expression is about people accepting who they are by express themselves to others and to seek social validation, a necessity in today world so one can adapt to the environment and it comes from the very depth of human soul.
How one interacts with other and the world, sometimes we do not realize how one express their thoughts to outside. Emotion, feelings, words is a portrait of who one is, make each of us a unique individual. It is captures one idea and thought and express in diverse ways, whether fashion style, words, tattoo... and shape their own identity. Self-expression is about people accepting who they are by express themselves to others and to seek social validation, a necessity in today world so one can adapt to the environment and it comes from the very depth of human soul.
Body paragraph:
We all have our own unique style, traits and action of expressing ourselves by a wide variety of forms. One can use their words, action, facial expression to express themselves to the world. The importance of self-expression is an undervalued commodity because of the culture that one in,
Self-expression is not just blurting everything that comes to mind, one mind and heart go together and putting thoughts and words and express it is the process to be themselves. Putting one expression in words might be difficult but in the other ways like tattoo or fashion style can show who they really are in society. Their tattoo...


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2181 words - 9 pages Content of Rights”, On Liberty, Oxford University Press (1859) at 356] [12: Ibid.] [13: Ibid. ] [14: Supra note 8.] Self-fulfillment and autonomy can be fulfilled through experiments in living, which are an important source of diverse ideas, as a way to observe and openly debate, and develop oneself.[footnoteRef:15] Self expression is integral to self-fulfillment. The access to information and opportunity to engage, participate, and express

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776 words - 4 pages , and spend a weekend alone resting and reflecting. I believe that life is way too fast paced for most people now and we could all benefit so much from just slowing down a little. References Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. (n.d.). Retrieved from Sze, D. (2017, December 07). Maslow: The 12 Characteristics of a Self-Actualized Person. Retrieved from