The Importance Of The Internet In Today's Society

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The internet is important to America and world societyas it adds another resource to enhance entertainment,education and business. How do we know this? The amount ofinformation available on the Internet is growing at a rapidrate of 10 percent in just one month. The internet is slowlybut surely becoming the number one household commidy beatingout the Television. How is this possible? Well look how muchthe Internet has to offer.Imagine being able to take college courses from highlyregarded Colleges from your own home. With the World-Wide-Web this can all be possible. The World-Wide-Web has greatpotential as human resource development tools. Manyinstitutions and government departments ...view middle of the document...

Using the keyboard I can electronically raisesmy hand. A question mark appears by my name on theclass list on the professor's monitor and I'm given controlof the bottom one-third of the screen.'The scope of the class enrolment is impressive. Some ofSmith's classmates attend class with him in front of theircomputers in Germany, Israel,Taiwan and Hong Kong. Studentsshare ideas with their professors and each other, askquestions and submit assignments via email. Smith, whocompleted the requirements for a Masters degree at NovaSoutheastern using this method, is pleased to be able tohave this opportunity. 'Being there is the preference,' saysSmith. 'But if I couldn't work on the program this way, Isimply wouldn't be able to do my degree.'Memorial University is also experimenting withdelivering courses over the Internet. Michael Collins ofMemorial University's Biology Department is offering thenon-laboratory biology course, Modern Biology and HumanSociety I, through the WWW for the first time during thespring semester of 1996. The course examines theimplications of modern biological research on human beingsand explores topics such as cancer, diet and nutrition andassociated diseases, immunity, genetic engineering, andreproductive engineering. The course is organized into 12weekly self-contained units. Students complete a computer-administered multiple-choice test at the end of each unitand submit their responses via the Internet. They also writemid-term and final examinations.The text for the course andother materials such as diagrams are availableon the WWW. Future offerings of the course will be enhancedby animation and video clips on various course topics.Collins also hopes to use the vast resources of the WWWby providing links to Web sites that offer moreinformation on the topics covered. He hopes this willencourage students to dwell further into the topicspresented. The students will be encouraged to ask questions,share comments, and participate in class discussions viaemail. Collins is pleased with the students' response to theidea. The twenty-five places available for the springoffering filled quickly and ten students are on a waitinglist.Libraries are rapidly coming on to the Internet. Forinstance, if an internet user who was going to theUniversity of Maryland and needed to access some informationfor his research paper he could do it through the web. Allhe would need to do is access the web page address and pointand click.That is just one of the Web's many features. Around twoyears ago the leading World-Wide-Web company Netscape, whichis the leading web browser of all online users at a 57percent usage rate began experimenting with actual sound onthe web. Now thanks to their hard work you can listen toclips of your favorite musical artist, sometimes before theyeven come out. Also, if a musician has a webpage which mostdo, you can find the lyrics to your favorite song, when hisnext album will be out, or even his favorite flavor oficecream. I...


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4842 words - 20 pages restricted for only military use but there were gateways created so the two networks could communicate. Eventually ARPANET evolved into what is now known as the Internet, in today's standards. ARPANET finally ran out of use in 1990 and was finally "turned off" (Thomas, 1996).III. A Brief Synopsis of The TCP/IP Protocol Suite:TCP (Transfer Control Protocol) takes all of the information that you wish to transmit and it breaks it into different pieces