The Importance On The Power Of Knowledge Hillcreek Essay

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29 October 2018
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The Importance of Power
Lastly, the role of symbolism shows the relevance of power upon the illustration of the
events that occurred throughout the novel. When the boys were stranded on the island, they
started a signal fire to increase their chances of being rescued. To further explain, Ralph
showcases the power and the importance of the signal fire as he indicates to Jack that it is their
source of hope, “ ‘The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued
except by luck, if we don't keep a fire going?’ ” (Golding 80). The ignition of the (signal) fire
demonstrates the significance of power because it represents civility and the boys’ hope for
survival by which also motivates and encourages the boys while surviving on the island. As a
result, the power through the symbolism of hope (lighting of signal fire) allows the children on
the island to maintain a rational state of mind because they do not need to turn to Jack for his
dictatorial leadership (that leads to savagery) when they have faith through the anticipation
(confidence) that they will be rescued. The second event was Jack’s murder of the pig where it
shows the importance on the power of savagery. This is shown when Jack proudly states his
success of killing, “ ‘I cut the pig’s throat,’ said...

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