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Timothy Yoo
Speech To Convince Outline
Violent Video Games Effects On Adolescents
I. How many of y’all have an iPhone? The future of our society depends on technology. In the 21st century, we use technology as a valuable resource and its used to entertain ourselves and just used to communicate with others. However, adolescents are becoming very fond of video games and the entertainment properties it provides for them. Just in general, the gaming industry in the world is undoubtedly at an all-time high with the ranks of gamers increasing exponentially. Video Games have always provided adolescents with unlimited amount of entertainment to pass a great deal of time. The problem is that these games are consuming children’s lives because children have the susceptibility to play for a long duration due to their addictive nature. Therefore, there are numerous amounts of potential risks that can come from playing certain video games. Violent video games are the real problem in the market they are attracting the younger population, which is detrimental to society. Video games influence the psychologies of adolescents to become more impulsive because of their violence.
II. We as a society should strongly consider strong supervision when adolescents are playing Violent video games because of potential harm.
III. Heart of Speech (Headings)
A) The first shooter violent video game was called Mortal Kombat, and it was a violent game that was released that had huge amounts of demand. It was the highest grossing game for about one decade, isn’t that crazy like fornite was really big but its hype isn’t going to last a decade, so just imagine how amazing this game was. Study showed that in 1974, Mortal Kombat was labeled as harmful to young people by Germanys Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons, due to its explicit unfriendly content. Dozens of other countries banned this ferocious game because to showed undeniable gruesome violence to humans(Wilcox 5).
B) The Democratic senator from Connecticut was utterly shocked by the extreme violence of Mortal Kombat because he believed it was being marketed to children. As a result of the hearing, video gaming industries were asked to rate video games. The gaming industry created the Entertainment Software Rating Board and was able to freely promote video games without the fear of accusations of intentionally corrupting children.
C) Columbine shooting -> Case of corruption from children playing violent video games was when the fi...


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