The Individuals In Our Lives Shape Who We Become - English - Essay

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4.1 Final Draft
The people we surround ourselves with are a key to who we become, as they 
influence our decisions and personality traits. When Sophie was stuck as “IT” this was 
a part of her development that would shape her for the rest of her life. When I was in 
junior high, I experienced first hand the definition of bullying. Those people have 
forever changed the way I view certain groups and those I will trust. I believe that 
some of the individuals that are involved in our life, will in some way impact our lives 
Depending on which groups you involve yourself with, their influence could 
potentially have a negative effect on you. Sophie first believes that she is a in a safe 
comfortable environment as she is not afraid to have fun and be silly, like pretending 
to be a horse and letting her friends ride her. She initially had a feeling of safety and 
confidence. Her belief that she was in a secure and safe space where she could be 
herself was tested on “penalty day” with the implantation of one girl being “IT” all 
day. This girl was treated terribly affecting whoever was “IT”. When Sophie became 
“IT” and ended up being the only one stuck in that position her whole attitude 
changed. She became introverted and quiet, writing in her journal by herself on the 
beach and at lunch going to the bus stop alone and carving only her name into the 
bench. She lost all confidence and sense of safety amongst her peers, she lost the 
feeling that she can be herself around others which was her loss of confidence. The 
influenced hers in such an awful way that she lost so many good qualities. The people 
we surround ourselves with during adolescence can potentially have a major effect on 
who she will become. Look at Sophie she went from a confident young girl to a shy, 
unsure, introverted girl. Sophie was a negatively affected by some of the people in her 
life as they influenced her to feel this way. 
We are influenced by some of the people in our lives through negative impact. 
In some shape or form we are negatively impacted by some of those around us. 
Initially, I believe without a doubt that the people we surround ourselves with will 
definitely have an effect on who we become. I think that we are influenced by the 
people around because of personal experiences. The time in a person's life that is most 
influenced by the peo...

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