The Influence Of Japanese Technology In American Culture English 100 Reasearch Paper

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Jose Munoz
Professor Fujimoto
English 100: Essay #1
Technology in Japan & US
Technology in the past 20 years has had an increased impact on modern society. It has shaped a universal expectation amongst the youth and social status. Without the rapid growth and advancements in technology, we wouldn’t have many of the amenities we take for granted for today. Technology has had a positive influence in both Japan and the US. It has allowed medical advancements, informative resources at the palm of our hands, and new methods of self servicing everyday tasks.
There is no surprise that as a society, technology has become such a critical part of our everyday lives. Though it has been applied to almost every aspect of our lives, it is not until recent future that the medical field has been largely affected by the rapid growth of technological innovation. Advances in medical technology are changing medicine by giving physicians more information in the matter of seconds, which in the medical field makes all the difference. For example, over the past few decades the medical records and even specialized information have switched from being paper-based to a digital format. Electronic records offer a wide variety of benefits to the medical field. They can access all the care a patient has ever received and can figure out possible illnesses, while aiding the doctor in the treatment process and preventing unnecessary wait times for the patient.  
In Japan, technological advancements in the medical field are taken very seriously and often are greatly invested in.  A lot of time and money go to research and development for potential applications for technology in the medical field. Small robots less than a centimeter long, for example, are being inserted into the body to treat diseased areas or help aid with procedures that a doctor would otherwise struggle free-hand. Doctors are able to control the robots using remotes and video cameras for guidance. According to an article titled Rising Demand for Medical Device Imports in Japan, these advancements in technology for Japan has put them at the world’s third-largest medical market, with imported medical devices accounting for 49 percent of this market.
As populations grow in the US, the demand for consumer controlled experiences is quickly becoming a major priority. Everywhere you go crowds are increasing whether it’s visiting the DMV, grocery shopping, visiting the mall or attending any number of appointments. The evolution of self-service options and technology has been a direct reaction to the increased volume of people and the social interest in good customer service. Many of these services are often taken for granted here in the US. While Japa...


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