The Influences Of Bags On Bags In Bags English Essay

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Cody Capalongo
Humanities 9
6 June 2018
The Reign of Rafael Trujillo
¨He who does not know to deceive does not know how to rule - Rafael Trujillo,¨ Rafael
Trujillo born in 1891 would soon become one of, if not the most corrupt and ruthless rulers ever
seen in the Caribbean. He ruled over the Dominican Republic from 1930 until his eventual
assassination in 1961. Over those thirty one years Rafael Trujillo would impose a regime over
the Dominican people that was described by the New York Times as being ¨Cruel, efficient, and
ruthless.” He was loved by some but hated and feared by most. So how was someone so blatantly
corrupt and harsh able to not only come to power through an election process but also to
maintain that power unopposed for over thirty years? He was able to assume and secure his role
as president using his strong military influence. From then on he ruled as a dictator with an iron
grip on his nation. Ensuring he remained in power through the systematic elimination of his
opposition and the suppression of the populous.
The political and economic climate of the Dominican Republic combined with the United
States increased interest in the stability of Caribbean nations led to eventual US occupation in
1916. ¨By 1904 Washington had begun to take a greater interest in the stability of Caribbean
nations, particularly those -- like the Dominican Republic -- situated along the approaches to the
forthcoming Panama Canal¨(John Pike.) The United States was concerned with the defense of
Capalongo 2
the seas around the entrance of the canal, especially fearful of the possible establishment of
foreign naval bases near the canal. These concerns were far from outlandish, as the Dominican
Republic had grown to have a ever increasing tangled economic attachment to several European
countries. Which had the potential to lead to the possible movement of foreign powers onto the
Island. This would not only pose a threat to the canal but also a defensive threat, with the region
being so close to American soil. In response to this the United States, it looked to resolve the
poor economic situation the country was in. Talks between the nations began, eventually leading
to the signing of a financial accord being signed ¨between the two governments on February 7,
1905; under the provisions of this accord, the United States government assumed responsibility
for all Dominican debt as well as for the collection of customs duties and the allocation of those
revenues to the Dominican government¨ (John Pike.) This put into motion a long standing
relationship between the United States and the Dominican Republic, during which the United
States would intervene into the Dominican Republic’s domestic affairs several times. The United
States first intervention was on September 24 of 1912, when the administration of President
William H. Taft sent a commission to Santo Domingo to mediate among the warring factions
within the nation. The United States would step in...

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