The International Communities Had An Important Role In The Abolishment Of Apartheid. School Essay

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The International community definitely had an important role in the abolishment of Apartheid from the 1960s to the 1980s specifically. The establishment of the Organisation of African Unity and Kader Asmal’s Anti-Apartheid Movement took place in the 1960s. In 1977 the United Nations instituted mandatory sanctions against the sale of arms to South Africa – Other countries also agreed to discourage sporting events with south africa in 1977. An oil embargo was encouraged against south africa ,The Liaison Group Of National AAMs was formed in Europe and South Africa where banned from many international interactions such as sport and education in the 1980s. The abolishment of apartheid has left behind many commemorations and heritage sites which help us remember the bitter past of Apartheid. All of the international actions aided in the collapse of Apartheid. In 1963 the Organisation Of African Unity was formed.
The Organisation Of African Unity ( OAU) had many goals but one of its most important goals was to end the white minority rule in South Africa. To support this goal the OAU therefore declared that SA aeroplanes and boats were not allowed to enter the harbours and airports of its members, Algeria, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo,Benin,Egypt and many more, this made it extremely difficult for SA to trade with the world. Thus proving that the International community did not want any interaction with Sputh Africa due to the Apartheid system as these declerations where only put in place to force South Africa to abolish Apartheid OUA also asked for SA to be expelled from a number of UN agencies such as the world of health organisation also known as WHO. Thus proving that international communities made it hard for South Africa to trade and interact with the rest of the world unless SA stop Apartheid. Kader Asmal a South African man Studying in London established the Anti-Apartheid movement in the United Kingdom. When Kader studied in Ireland he established the Irish Anti-Apartheid movement. The AAM organised a ‘Penny Pledge’ campaign, appealing to British people to donate a penny to the movement and sign a pledge to boycott South African products” (South African History Online , 2000) Thus supporting the statement that International Communities had an important role in the abolishment of Apartheid as it can clearly evident through the statement that International effort was being taken to exclude South Africa and stop trade all in an attempt tpo get South Africa to abolish Apartheid. The 1970s approached and the support for anti-apartheid only grew.
In 1977 the UN set up mandatory sanctions against the sale of arms to south Africa- sporting events were also discouraged. A sports boycott was implemented a after commonwealth countries agreed to the Gleneagles Agreement this agreement discouraged contact and competition between South Africa and other sporting organisations and teams....

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