哲学概论 The Intro To The Course Of General Philosophy 西密苏里 Intro

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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 39171, 48 contact hours, 3 credit hours
Summer 2019
Instructor: TBA
E-mail: TBA
Office Hours: By appointment
Course Description
Basic problems and ideas encountered in the moral and intellectual life of humankind are analyzed in a
systematic, rather than an historical manner. Attention is devoted to the philosophies and theories of
knowledge, metaphysics, religion, morals and politics and science.
Prerequisites: None
The rationale for the study of philosophy is self-evident in the meaning of the term - love of wisdom. As
such, philosophy attempts to unify the various aspects of the human person (physical, emotional and
intellectual) in such a way that the relationships between all forms of human endeavor and achievement
can be grasped. It furthermore attempts to engender and encourage an appreciation of self and others with
the desire towards integral personhood through recognition of one's limits and maximization of one's
freedom and responsibility. In essence, philosophy is an invitation to intellectual and moral adulthood,
with the rationale of this particular course being an initiation to that invitation.
Required Texts
Kessler, Gary E. Voices of Wisdom: A Multicultural Philosophy Reader. Wadsworth Pub Co; 7th edition,
Buckingham, Will, et al. The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained. Penguin Random House,
Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes (aka objectives or competencies) of this course center on Critical Thinking.
However, good thinking is interconnected to other key outcomes of the Northwest Core:
communicating, managing information, valuing, and diversity/equity/inclusion.
This course, Introduction to Philosophy, is part of the Northwest Core program.
Program Outcome Course Outcomes Assessments
The Northwest Core
1-Core Communicating
1-C 39171 Communicating
- Understand the relationship
between form and content in
speaking and writing
- Use visuals, non-alphabetic
text, and non-verbal components
successfully within spoken and
written texts
- Use research effectively in
spoken and written texts
The Northwest Core
2-Core Critical Thinking
2-C 39171 Critical Thinking
- Assimilate, retain, and interpret
- Utilize information to generate
reasonable hypotheses and draw
educated conclusions.
- Elucidate solutions based on
these conclusions with the ability
to self-evaluate their effectiveness
- Recognize that this process is
self-reflective and continuous
- Produce original expression of
- Develop the ability to identify
and define problems and issues in
preparation for seeking solutions
The Northwest Core
3-Core Managing Information
3-C 39171 Managing Information
- Access and generate
information using contemporary
-Evaluate information for
currency, usefulness, and
- Reorganize information for

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