The I Phone Scam; Describing How Apple Reels Customers In, And Keeps Them Forever. English Essay

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Brandon Uralowich
Prof. Eileen James
Comp I
September 28, 2018
Critical Review of iPhones
In todays world cellphones are almost, if not are, an essential item to carry or own. Some would argue that this is, in fact, not a step in the right direction for society, while others would say it is absolutely needed in todays social world. Technically speaking, they are not even referred to as cellphones any longer, instead being referred to as smartphones with all the advancements and “smart” things they can do. Although the whole “smartphones taking over the world” concept is, in itself, a controversial subject and could be reviewed on weather, as a whole, they are good or bad for society; today I will be reviewing just one type of smartphone, the ever-so popular iPhone and why you, as a consumer, shouldn’t give into their marketing ploys so easily.
Have you ever seen a advertisement on TV from Apple showing off their brand new iPhone? I can answer that for you, of course you have because they come out with an “all-new platform and design” almost annually. When watching these televised advertisements, you will most likely notice only two things, one being this new iPhone panning around the screen, the other will be the cinematic and dramatic affect they add to the commercial itself, almost resembling an movie trailer. If you look at this through the three rhetorical appeals of literature this would be a method of appealing to the emotions of the audience or pathos. In most of the advertisements of apples new iPhone they will normally have a pitch black backdrop behind the phone itself, as well as close-up shots of the “new details’’ and “new features”, all while usually playing a fancy or dramatic track in the background. If you look at it as a whole, they are keeping it plain and simple, wanting the viewers to keep their eyes solely on this new shiny device, hopefully appealing to the audience’s emotions and getting those “wows” to make these viewers potential buyers.
As I mentioned previously, Apple likes to go on to advertise their “new features and designs’’ for each and every year they make a new iPhone. If you look at it in retrospect, are they realistically adding to their new phones? I myself have some credibility in this aspect being a buyer of Apple’s iPhones and can say you may be paying more for that new iPhone for less features and accessibility. iPhones first started off as pretty generic and simple smartphones, having volume buttons on the side, a home button, plug- in location for your headphones, etc. Well the newest iPhone has almost half of those physical accessibilities that the original one had. That plug-in location for your headphones has since been removed, leaving people to wonder “how are we suppose to...

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